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Back to vs good work/life balance

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OoohSmooch Thu 29-Mar-18 22:18:27

I'm due to return to work in the summer following maternity leave. I would have been off for almost 15 months. I'm looking for mumsnetters experience on work/life balance.

I have a few work options and in addition, I am waiting for my current job to confirm if I can work part time or not.

Current job aside I have the following two options:

Long commute travelling on an awful lot of the M25 each day so unlikely to see my little one much for 4 days per week. Good money with the full time equivalent being £10k more than I am on now. No working from home option.

Completely home based for 25 hours per week spread over 3 or 4 days. £1k more than I am on now but lose company car I currently have and so would have to buy a car. I would see my little one a lot more though as no commute other than dropping her off at grandparents and nursery (plus no commute costs!). I am currently based from home in a semi travelling job so the home based doesn't bother me.

Job 1 would be the choice if it wasn't for the awful commute. I think, that while I'd enjoy the extra money, I wouldn't see my little one and after being off with her for so long it would really hit me hard.

Any experiences with the whole return to work or the general being-a-parent work/life balance vs money would be appreciated!

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stressedoutpa Thu 29-Mar-18 23:10:42

I chose JOB 1 before Christmas and have already left!

Shorter easy commute and work/life balance is more important to me than salary.

OoohSmooch Thu 29-Mar-18 23:31:00

Thank you for your experience stressedoutpa!

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BikeRunSki Thu 29-Mar-18 23:38:39

With tiny children, I put time before money and have never regretted it. I would also not willingly chose a big commute - why would you choose not to see your child for half the week? How reliable is that commute? What about when the M25 is blocked or closed? Do you have backup childcare ? How will you cope with long commute plus young child? What about when he starts school a d you want to be home early gir school concert/sports day/cricket match etc?

Babybrainx2 Mon 09-Apr-18 17:35:17

Job 2 sounds perfect. If you don't mind me asking - what do you do? I would love a home based job or flexible hours!

Rawesome6 Mon 09-Apr-18 17:40:18

Plenty of time for job 1 in the future. I'd do job 2 for now

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