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Line Management issues

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espoleta Wed 28-Mar-18 18:07:04

Hi everyone,

I am due back to work after ML at the beginning of May, DD will be 6 months. While I have been off the company has gone through a restructure and my line manager has been made redundant. I have been assured my role is still there and that they are very keen to have me back and give me more responsibility and are happy for me cutting down my hours to 4 days a week.

On my last KIT day, I voiced concerns but one of the options of my line management as she has a reputation of being unkind to working mums. My CEO said she was formalising line management and it would probably be her but was having a meeting to confirm.

I have heard nothing and I am returning in 5 weeks.
I have emailed HR who have told me to speak to the CEO, I have emailed the CEO and I am finally getting a meeting in next week. I feel that they are not being very upfront while makes me think I wont be happy with who they are going to put me under.

So, my question is if they move me to this individuals do I have any rights to refuse? Or anything else? So they legally need to tell me line management before I return to work? And give me an updated JD?

I know that if I work for this person she will pretty much make my life incredibly difficult and I think she would be finding a way to get me out from day 1 (according to rumours at work she has already been making moves against me). So basically setting me up to fail.

Any feedback would be welcome!

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ScreamingValenta Wed 28-Mar-18 20:32:10

I can only answer from the perspective of a manager, rather than a mat-leaver, but I'm happy to give an opinion based on my own experience of managing mat-leavers.

As you say you will be given more responsibility, you should certainly be provided with an updated job description. There should also be a documented discussion about how your reduction in hours will be managed to make sure arrangements for dealing with your workload are robust. Finally, you should be provided with training and time to familiarise yourself both with the new responsibilities and any changes that have taken place during your leave.

In terms of your new line manager - this would not normally be any managed any differently from a change of manager when you were not on mat leave. Unless you have a solid reason not to be managed by this individual (previous grievance, conflict of interest or having previously been her direct line manager) I don't think you can formally object to this. It sounds as though your concerns are based on hearsay alone, so unfortunately they're not something that would stand up in a grievance procedure.

I don't think you have any option but to accept this person as a manager, if your informal discussions haven't changed things. However, what you must do is document any instances where you feel you are being treated unfairly as a working parent, and raise a formal grievance if and when this happens. You are in a good position in that you're alert to this possibility and can take action straight away, if she treats you unreasonably.

If you're worried about being 'managed out' I can only say evidence, evidence, evidence. Document everything!

Wishing you luck.

ScreamingValenta Wed 28-Mar-18 20:37:37

... forgot to say, you should also ask about whether your salary will reflect your increased responsibility!

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