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Returning to work 2 weeks after giving birth!

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Rooroo1012 Tue 27-Mar-18 13:04:08


Who here has returned to work 2 weeks after giving birth?

Providing there are no complications like a c-section, I’m seriously considering returning after this short amount of time.

The reason being is that the company I work for is changing name and will be under new ownership which technically means I won’t be employed by the same person, therefore not being entitled to SMP only MA. With MA I can’t share my allowance with my partner which was the original plan.

Because I earn the most, I need to return to work quickly. My partner will stay at home caring for the newborn. Mentally I can handle it after two weeks but there is always that doubt in me that it’s too soon.

Has anyone else returned so quickly?

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JackieReacher Tue 27-Mar-18 13:05:53

are you in the UK? look up TUPE transfers.. You remain continuously employed and entitled to benefits accrued (assuming you're an employee not a contractor)

Rooroo1012 Tue 27-Mar-18 13:19:40

JackieReacher - thank you so much for that info. Yes I’m in the UK and TUPE 100% applies to my situation.
You’ve literally gave me info that will save my partner from quitting his job to stay at home. If I’m reading it all correctly then I should be able to claim SMP meaning I can still share the allowance with my partner.
I can’t thank you enough for this!

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JackieReacher Wed 28-Mar-18 16:42:08

wowzer, I hope it's this simple - enjoy your time off!

Strawberry2017 Wed 28-Mar-18 17:25:32

I think 2 weeks is too soon, I feel like you will regret it.
I think you need more time with your baby and more time to recover.

Hotdoggity Wed 28-Mar-18 17:28:09

Ah nice one @jackiereacher! Good luck OP.

Lauren83 Wed 28-Mar-18 17:29:04

Hi roo, I'm going back this Saturday when DS is 10 weeks, I know 10 weeks mat leave is a lot longer than 2 weeks but I would of felt up to going back after 2 weeks psychically but not emotionally. I had a straight forward section after failed induction

RosaBaby2 Wed 28-Mar-18 17:33:36

The company I work for is also being taken over, rebranded etc tomorrow (I finish for mat leave tomorrow) and TUPE definitely 100% applies! Should be policy as normal, (or better) than the one your employer had in place.

purplepingu Wed 28-Mar-18 17:48:01

If it doesn't apply for whatever reason I went back to work after two weeks because I'm self employed and I had to. First birth ended up with theatre/episiotomy/forceps and I managed a 12 hour day on my feet just fine.

I'm quite good at mind over matter though, so there was probably a lot of mental 'you have no choice to go' going on but it was absolutely fine! I even managed to go to an event on the way home from the hospital for an hour, probably looked a state but I had to show my face!

SocksRock Wed 28-Mar-18 17:56:06

I was TUPE’d at 20 weeks pregnant and fully entitled to SMP from the new company. They didn’t fucking like it AT ALL but they paid up.

troodiedoo Wed 28-Mar-18 17:58:51

Great news, hope it works out for you!

Rooroo1012 Wed 28-Mar-18 19:22:31

Thanks everyone. Nice to hear of similar situations. I’m normally quite savvy on the internet but has never heard of TUPE until this thread. Install can’t thank @jackiereacher enough for that info.
Being able to give my SMP to my partner is extremely important because of my job changing hands, there is new prospects for me to climb the career ladder hence why I want to return quickly. Thanks for all the advice smile

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Ginger1982 Wed 28-Mar-18 20:42:52

Glad you've got an answer but I think you'll find 2 weeks is no way long enough.

Rooroo1012 Thu 29-Mar-18 10:57:56

Yes two weeks is probably too short. Initially was thinking 6 weeks until my manager made a comment about keeping the person they have cover me if they are good at the job which is fine however he’s missing the fact that I’m legally entitled to me actual job back so I don’t see a place the for cover to the cover is his girlfriend! Which makes the situation even more stressful for me. Another reason why I feel I need to go back after two weeks because then it’s like I’ve just gone on holiday opposed to Mat Leave

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Ginger1982 Thu 29-Mar-18 14:11:39

Yes but they have to give you your job back if you take up to 6 months. Even if they do keep her on they still have to take you back.

CairosMommax Mon 02-Apr-18 09:42:02

I personally think 2 weeks is too soon. I was only feeling back to normal after 2 weeks and I never had a c-section. Hopefully you will be able to sort it so you can spend more tome with your lttle one. Time is so precious and it also goes too quickly. I hope you don’t miss the special moments because of work!x

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