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Need advice on going back to work after being self employed.

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RainD Mon 26-Mar-18 21:25:40

I’m looking so sell up my business and become employed once again. The thing is I’ve never had a “proper job.”

I’ve done the usual bars/ waiting jobs when I was 18 - 21. I also have a non-specific “artsy” degree (2:1) from a decent uni.

However, I’m now 30, I got my degree years ago and haven’t used it at all.

I’ve been self employed for 9 years, where the hell do I start looking? I’m not expecting a particularly high salary but it like to just get a foot in somewhere. I’m not bothered which sector it is, I just need a decent job with a steady income. It feels impossible!

Is it true that employers are more wary of applicants who have been previously self employed? And help would be really appreciated.

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