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Maternity leave on cv or at interview

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user1495097590 Wed 21-Mar-18 15:47:56

Hi, I am currently on maternity leave due to return to work in April. I wanted to do part-time hours maybe 3/4 days a week but my employer has only agreed to 9-3 over 5 days a week. Which I know is slightly better but it's still not what I'm looking for for a work/life balance and also for childcare reasons/costs. There are other issues too I think they are trying to push me out as they are being a bit awkward about things so looking for a new role.

But my question is, I have an interview this week for a part-time job and I'm wondering do I mention I'm on maternity leave at the moment? Or does this not need to be said, I know some people say don't put it on your cv. Or do I be honest at the interview and tell them? I don't know if it's even an issue or if I need to tell them as it's irrelevant. Has anyone got any experience with this at all? Thanks

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