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Would you work if you didn't have to financially?

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Brighteststars Sun 18-Mar-18 20:55:36

Be honest ... would you work if you didn't need to for the money? What else does work bring up your life, aside from money.. or would you stay at home with kids?

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Sohardtochooseausername Sun 18-Mar-18 20:58:51

I would have kept going to work. My career is important to me. If I had more money I’d spend it on more support e.g a cleaner and I’d take unpaid leave during school holidays so I could spend more time with DD.

BlossomCat Sun 18-Mar-18 21:00:04

Yes, or find something else with structure and meaning like voluntary work that I had to attend at a certain time or I could easily just drift, and then I would get depressed.
Work gives me more than money, it gives me socialization, and a purpose. I have spent extended time off work and after a couple of months, my mood is very low.

Lucked Sun 18-Mar-18 21:01:29

It depends what you mean. If we won millions on the lottery, possibly not. But my expertise is quite in demand so I might try for some sort of term time work so we could travel over the school holidays. It would depend on whether my DH gave it up.

If because my DH earns a salary that we could survive on then no (he already does). I have an equal earning potential to him and my job is very stimulating.

DixieFlatline Sun 18-Mar-18 21:02:32

Yes. It forms a huge contribution to my sense of self, my confidence, my regular contact with a huge variety of other people, etc. I have a bit of a tendency to go into hermit mode when not forced out of the house on a regular basis, and that negatively impacts my confidence.

Though I would do more travelling and spend more time on hobbies if I could afford to.

JudasPriestley Sun 18-Mar-18 21:02:37

Bahaha! Hahahahahahaha!


Addy2 Sun 18-Mar-18 21:04:29

Depends. If I had enough money to do whatever I wanted for the rest of my life with total financial security, no. I'd see the world and enjoy life more. I work to live, not the other way around.

gingercat02 Sun 18-Mar-18 21:05:13

I wouldn't go to work everyday no. I would offer to do projects or short term stuff for free using my current skills

LorelaiVictoriaGilmore Sun 18-Mar-18 21:06:12

I would still work. I don't really need to work now, and I do. It's like going to the gym for my brain! It makes me feel good!

Figgygal Sun 18-Mar-18 21:06:55

Yes I would maybe not in my current job but I couldn't not work at all

kirinm Sun 18-Mar-18 21:07:13

I would work but wouldn't do my current job as it's too stressful.

IWantMyHatBack Sun 18-Mar-18 21:07:21

God no.

thelonggame Sun 18-Mar-18 21:07:52

I really enjoy my work, and get a lot of job satisfaction - but would stop in a heartbeat if we didn't need the money.
I'd do voluntary work instead so I could choose when I work.

windchimesabotage Sun 18-Mar-18 21:07:59

Depends what you mean by work? If my kids were young id be mostly focused on them but if they were slightly older id probably get involved with some community projects etc Always wanted to work for samaritans and our local soup kitchen. Would be nice to have an allotment.... or I suppose if I have enough money not to work i might have a big garden i could look after.

PineappleExpress Sun 18-Mar-18 21:08:12

If you mean just having enough to pay bills and live comfortably, then yes, I probably would. I love my work, and it brings me a lot of happiness. I would be much more selective in the families I work for, though.
If we're talking multi-millions in a lottery win or something, then I would travel and do charity and conservation work, providing I could take me pets with me

notapizzaeater Sun 18-Mar-18 21:08:31

Yes and I do, we are comfortable without my salary but I still work, albeit term time only. I'd go mad if I was at home all day

Grumpbum Sun 18-Mar-18 21:09:09

God no

Purpledahlia88 Sun 18-Mar-18 21:09:12

Definitely not

PlaymobilPirate Sun 18-Mar-18 21:09:16

God no. Im already dreading going in tomorrow

luxurybiscuit Sun 18-Mar-18 21:09:21

I’d be an artist. I would so love not to have to work..

cloudtree Sun 18-Mar-18 21:09:33

I really like my job and earn very good money but no I wouldn't. I am pulled in a million different directions every day and don't feel like I do anything as well as I should do.

ApocalypseNowt Sun 18-Mar-18 21:10:02

I'd still work but it'd be nice to have the freedom to choose a lower paid job that I was really interested in or a volunteer role.

itsgettinghotinhere80 Sun 18-Mar-18 21:10:37


eurochick Sun 18-Mar-18 21:10:38

Define "need". We could pay the bills on one salary but it's definitely nice to have both. It means we have savings, holidays, etc.

NameChanger22 Sun 18-Mar-18 21:11:53

In my current job - not a chance. I would invest a lot more time in my creative hobbies instead.

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