Civil service interview feedback - possible?

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truetoyourself Wed 14-Mar-18 15:28:45

I just found out that I was unsuccessful at an interview I had a couple of weeks ago.

In my head, I thought that the CS always gave feedback when requested after unsuccessful interviews.
But I cannot find anything that confirms that, so did I imagine it?

The notification that I failed the interview was from a "do not reply" email address and no contact details were given when the post was advertised, but I do have an address from someone in hr (who contacted me to change the time of the interview) so I will probably contact them to request feedback. This contact wasn't involved in the actual interview itself, but I suppose they could pass my request on. Is there a more official route to asking for feedback?

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truetoyourself Wed 14-Mar-18 15:48:56


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truetoyourself Wed 14-Mar-18 19:03:45

Should have posted on chat I guess!

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GrumpySausage Wed 14-Mar-18 19:31:19

I work in the civil service (MOJ) and feedback is always given on applications.

How did you apply? Our applications tend to be done via a website and the feedback is uploaded on there. Can you seek feedback via the way you submitted your original application?

truetoyourself Wed 14-Mar-18 19:49:48

Thanks Grumpy.

I applied via the civil service jobs portal, but when I log in now the role is not visible on there. I applied for a different role in the same department (BEIS) a few months ago, and that time around I could view the status of my application but this time there was nothing visible from the point I submitted my application. There was no "live" application to view after submission if that makes sense?

The recruitment process for this role has been a bit different compared to the last time I applied (and tbh not quite as well organised).

I do want feedback, because I keep getting to interview stage and no further! I have an idea of where I went wrong, but want to know if I'm right so will ask for feedback from the contact I do have. She's not based in the same city as the role I applied for but I assume can forward it to the relevant person.

Thank you for your reply - if feedback is regularly given then I will definitely request some.

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GrumpySausage Wed 14-Mar-18 20:36:07

Hello OP,

Yes that's the website we load feedback on but sounds like it's not working in this instance? It should still show as live if feedback to view

I don't think it'd be an issue at all to ask for the feedback. As per of the application and interview process we have to complete feedback forms to progress the person so the records should be easy to access.

Hope you get it sorted thanks

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