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Kit days

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Samcj02 Wed 14-Mar-18 10:24:16

Hi is anybody else confused by 'keeping in touch days?' is my employer has asked if I can do a few of these days but she said it will not effect my SMP and I'm allowed to work ten of them. So do you get to paid a wage on top of SMP? I know I need to speak to my manager but she's a very busy lady! blush. I have researched this online but can't seem to find a definite item answer. I have anybody have any personal experience of this? Thanks everyone grin

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Lazypuppy Wed 14-Mar-18 12:38:51

My kit days get topped up by my employer to a full days wage. My HR department saif i don't have to work a whole day or anything. I just have to submit a form for each day.

ChikiTIKI Thu 15-Mar-18 20:40:46

You need to ask for your employer's policy. I once worked somewhere that only paid SMP, nothing extra, and they also did UNPAID kit days!?! So I got a job elsewhere smile

They should pay though if they want you to go in!

coffeeforone Thu 15-Mar-18 20:53:22

It just needs to be agreed with your employer what you will be paid. It won’t affect your SMP and any payment will be on top.

I did 10 full WFH kit days (probably more but off the record) but didn’t get paid any extra for them as I didn’t agree a payment in advance (I was happy to do the work though as it made my job much easier on my return). Other colleagues have done the same.

NotTakenUsername Thu 15-Mar-18 21:02:31

I’m self employed so I’ve been researching this.

I get 10 KIT days.
If I work 1 hour in the day or 12 it still counts a 1/10 of my allowance.
It is 10 days altogether (not per client).
I must negotiate duties and payment prior to the KIT day.
I do not have to agree to any kit days unless I decide. My maternity leave is my time.
Your employer may contact you by post or telecoms, within the realms of what is deemed reasonable.
Bringing your baby in to visit does not count unless you attend any meeting or do any work while you are there.
So long as I keep within the limit of 10 days, my Maternity Allowance will not be affected.

Samcj02 Thu 15-Mar-18 21:06:56

Thanks everyone! I'll have to catch my boss when she's not busy. Don't think we have a policy as such as I work for a very small company and I'm the first person there to take maternity leave!

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