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Career change at 46

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unhappyandconfused Tue 13-Mar-18 10:32:23


I am soon to be 46 and after working in the NHS since graduation I want OUT. We now work ridiculous shifts and I am left with little quality time off. I am actually on the sick at the moment - first time ever!
Has anyone else changed career at my age? What did you do? How did you cope financially?
I want something that is normal M-F 9-5. Home working would be ideal.
I just can't cope with the mix of shifts we do now and constantly given my days off after nightshifts. Working way too many weekends and I have school aged children! It is affecting my health now.

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AjasLipstick Tue 13-Mar-18 11:16:38

My friend trained to teach nursing instead of actually nursing.

What do you fancy doing OP? It's not too old by the way.

unhappyandconfused Tue 13-Mar-18 16:35:30

I'm not a nurse though. I work in another profession. I have looked into lecturing but not that easy to get a foot in the door.

No idea what I want to do!

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