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change of career from midwifery

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Laraslittlelamb Mon 12-Mar-18 09:59:45

After 5 years of working as a midwife I have decided it's time for a change in career, I just cannot face it anymore.

The problem is I cannot have a reduction in pay due to financial commitments, so ideally need to earn 30K. I already have two degrees so am reluctant to go back to university, I don't mind doing some short courses but have no idea what to do.

I was just wondering whether there are any nurses/midwives who have completely left healthcare? What do you do now?

unhappyandconfused Tue 13-Mar-18 10:28:31

Watching with interest as I also want out of the NHS due to crazy shift patterns.

Babyroobs Sun 18-Mar-18 21:51:02

I will be leaving my nursing job soon due to intolerable stress and crazy 12 hour nightshifts making me ill. I also do another non nursing job though on much lower pay so will probably need to do some Nursing banks shifts to make up some of the shortfall.

Wishfulmakeupping Sun 18-Mar-18 21:52:11

Health visitor?

Babyiwantabump Sun 18-Mar-18 21:55:52


Beautymum Wed 21-Mar-18 17:39:14

Hello If you're particularly interested in starting a new career in beauty that you can work around the family, I've heard about a new private Beauty Academy opening in Hertfordshire next month that offers the flexibility to study around work or family. I think they're running a Monday nail course for beginners and a Monday evening and Friday day beauty therapy course, and you get VTCT recognised qualifications and on the job experience. Anyone interested I've been passed on the contact info:

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