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How to get back into hairdressing after 12 year

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Miracle29 Wed 07-Mar-18 16:13:59

Hi everyone I'm looking for some advice. I qualified in hairdressing 12 years ago level 2 when I had my son. After qualifying I took a year break b3fire starting to look for work I was originally wanting to go mobile so had it all planned that is do my driving ECT but unfortunately it didn't work out that way. I moved house and settled my son in school and suffered a ectopic pregnancy which took me a while to get over and caused a few health issues. I was then told I couldn't have anymore children and ontop of that had a couple of operations relating to fertility. I started to work part time at a school I was there a year, I started ivf and now got my miracle girl but sadly was made reduntant when she was born so again took the tine to watcg her grow before school. She will be due to start school next September ( a long way away I know) my son is starting highschool this year too. Where has the time gone! So I'll be looking to start work again. Problem been my partner works long shift work and I have no means of childcare whilst I'm at work once the kids finish school. Im half way through driving lessons and tho king if going back into hairdressing but don't know how is go about it. Could I do voluntary maybe? Just to build everything back up and gain experience again. Any other advice would be great. Working in a school was perfect ad I got all the holidays but hard to find in my area so voluntary or mobile might actually work. Thankyou.

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