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Pickledonion24 Wed 21-Feb-18 20:38:49

Currently Job hunting wanted a place where we could all chat about the stress of it all. Does anyone else want to join on this journey.

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BlitzenandMikey Wed 21-Feb-18 20:45:11

Definitely!! My dilemma is retrain or job hunt. Either way it needs to happen soon! Stressful times.

Pickledonion24 Wed 21-Feb-18 22:06:42

Did a massive sit down and apply for loads of jobs. Got two phone calls back so fingers crossed most annoying part is when I select my city and the jobs actually in the next city along or and hours bus ride

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BlitzenandMikey Thu 22-Feb-18 08:58:04

What type of work are you seeking?

Pickledonion24 Thu 22-Feb-18 10:29:51

Office admin type jobs things like customer service, insurance, recruitment

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MaitreKarlsson Thu 22-Feb-18 13:26:20

Hi can I join in? Very frustrated after 3 months of job hunting. Started off being quite picky about what I wanted. Now I think I've swung too far the other way!

Pickledonion24 Thu 22-Feb-18 14:42:41

Had 3 phone calls and now two interviews one for tomorrow smile

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MaitreKarlsson Fri 23-Feb-18 12:33:04

Well done - terrific - good luck for today if you haven't yet had it!

Pickledonion24 Fri 23-Feb-18 13:12:11

Nope just getting ready don’t have to be there till 2

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Pickledonion24 Fri 23-Feb-18 13:12:31

Thank you so much good luck with your job search to

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