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Should I apply for this role?!

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PeachQueen Wed 21-Feb-18 10:39:16

Posted in really an AIBU but I need a kick up the ass I think!
I wondered if I could get some advice on how to word an email/ask some questions re an internal role which has come up at work.

For info; I returned to work 3 days a week following in September. I have previously held a role within the company which required me being away from home Monday – Friday. However I now work 3 days from the office still doing what I did previously (I.T Trainer) and love the job. I have always wanted to be a Project manager and a role has come up.

Its Full Time (although doesn’t say on the JD that it is) and will require travel (usually max 1 night away a week) and is the next logical step for anyone in my position.

The company I work for are very flexible re working hours, working from home etc. and when I said I was coming back after mat leave they basically said I could come back to do whatever I wanted & when I wanted.

Now I want to apply for this role however I want to ask them first if they would even consider me and if it could be done on a Part Time/flexible basis. I could go up to full time and maybe do 2 days a week at home?

How can I word an email to that effect and make it sound professional/right?! I always struggle with this stuff!

A colleague who has just left that role after doing it for 12 years has said to me its 'best to coast along as I have a DD now' - I dunno I feel like even if I dont have a chance at it I want them to know I still want to progress?!

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KatieBell77 Thu 22-Feb-18 20:25:11

I would advise being open and honest. Make sure you know what you can do (including your childcare arrangements for working at home) and make an appointment to speak to someone in person. Failing that email to say roughly what you said above - you are keen to progress, love your job and would like to be considered for this role and set your parameters (days etc). But make sure you can do the hours first! Good luck!🤞

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