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Midwives with children: what's your family life like?

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Barre Wed 14-Feb-18 13:34:55

Midwifery is a dream job for me and I've been working towards applying for a long time (young children still at home).

It's going to take a big push both financially and logistically for me to do the training and get qualified, which I'm absolutely prepared to do BUT I want to be realistic about the demands of the job long-term with a young family. I know it's extremely tough and stressful and demanding and that staff retention is a big issue for the NHS, so I just want some brutal honest insights here.

Do you feel like you are able to have a good work-life balance (or any kind of work-life balance) as a midwife?

Do you think your home life/relationships have suffered at all? Do you feel like you get to spend enough time with children, partner, etc.?

Are you happy (at work, at home, in general)?

Would you recommend midwifery as a career to other working mothers?

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