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Flummoxed at the interview

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coulditbeforever Tue 13-Feb-18 18:02:08

Does anyone else get to an interview and totally forgets all the appropriate answers they know they should give but for some unearthly reason, it's total crap that spill out? sad

Dingdong1975 Tue 13-Feb-18 20:26:57

I will answer with something completely different to what I have prepared to say!

DunnoWhy Tue 13-Feb-18 20:33:16

Yes. When I have high interest in the job, then I clam up and get a mental block, i forget everything. When I think I have plenty of more options and other jobs out there, then I am very impressive in the interview, i come across very confident and competent. It's not good. It's frustrating.

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