New job offer, how to proceed?

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GetOrfMyBin Sat 03-Feb-18 14:54:22

I had an interview yesterday for a role that has two different positions available and got a phone call in the evening offering me the part time job instead of the full time job. I asked for the weekend to think about it, as I needed to have a look at finances etc. I asked if there was any opportunity to up the hours a little and the potential new employer is going to call me Monday to discuss, though she doesn’t think that there will be.

I’ve had a look at figures and I think we can make it work, so at this stage I’m looking at accepting the new job verbally on Monday. However, the new job will require satisfactory references and a DBS check which there shouldn’t be a problem with but I wanted advice on how to go about giving notice to my current employer.

My current employer is down as a referee on my application and after the conditional offer has been made they will take up references. Should I make my current employer aware that I have verbally been made an offer and that I will be handing in my written notice in once I’ve got a written offer? I just don’t want my current employer to get a email without a heads up from me first.

Do I ask the new employer on Monday to send a written offer ASAP and then hand in my written notice? Also the new job are going to ask my current role about my sickness and absence over the past 24 months. I’ve hardly been off sick, but last year my dad died and I was given compassionate leave. Due to the circumstances of his death I wasn’t ready or fit to go back to work, so was signed off for a further 7 days. Additionally my father in law died at the end of the year and I was given another few days compassionate leave. Do I mention this to new employer on Monday or not?

Thank you in advance

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