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Teaching/tutoring/ Am I too old?

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forcryinoutloud Sat 03-Feb-18 14:46:29

Hi, I'm in my early 50's. I gave up a 20 plus years good nursing career for an admin job to fit around my then young DC's.

I have thought for years that I really would have enjoyed and been good at teaching but due to DC and other stuff going on (house moves etc etc) I was never able to do anything about it.

I am qualified to level 4 with my nursing and took a PTLLs course but that was back in 2008. During my career I did have to do a fair bit of teaching/mentoring to junior staff so it is not something I have never done. I got good feedback and enjoyed this part of my job prob more than any other.

My DC are now adults or nearly adults and I am wondering, considering I may not retire for about 15 years, what should I do, and how would I go about it?/ I'm not sure I have the mental and physical energy for teaching in a school and I'd prob feel out of place with all the newly qualifieds! Any help appreciated!

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Apple23 Sat 03-Feb-18 16:23:35

My first thought is could you become a trainer and run e.g. First aid courses?

Or, depending where you are, Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Adult education evening class courses
A speaker for groups e.g. WI, or an organisation that goes into schools and runs assemblies and workshops (charities or emergency services often do this)

DullAndOld Sat 03-Feb-18 16:27:58

you could do a TESOL course (like the old 'TEFL' but more focused on the needs of new immigrants) and work in FE.

OUr local uni employs a lot of learning support assistants, the money is not great but the work is pleasant enough. (eg supporting a student with dyslexia through their deadlines etc).

Our local FE college offered part time City and Guilds certs in teaching adults in continuing education, which you could build up towards a Cert Ed.

You are certainly not too old.

forcryinoutloud Sat 03-Feb-18 18:29:35

Many thanks for yours helpful and supportive posts, I will look into some of these ideas smile and nice to know I'm not too old!

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