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Stressing about going back to work FT, advice please?

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Frogleg2084 Tue 30-Jan-18 19:21:52


DC is 18months old, recently finished a part time job which was a real find. 3 days a week using my brain but was temporary. Did this since DC was 6 months old. Now after a little break I've just had an interview with an amazing company for FT work, it went really well but now I'm worrying about leaving DC at nursery. Family helped out last time. Any advice from working mum's please? How have you coped, does it get easier leaving DC's etc


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BurnstonesBabies Wed 31-Jan-18 13:30:01

I'm place marking because I'm in a similar scenario but have 3 DDs. Have worked pt for 10 years but now have landed my dream job that is at the top of my industry but it's FT.
Kids are 10, 8 and nearly 4 and I'm totally stressing out about impact on them, even though family are stepping up to help out more.
Good luck OP!

Hughippos Thu 01-Feb-18 20:28:38

I only do three days but find my little one does really well at nursery. He has been going since 10 months old. Sometimes when I come to collect him he doesn't want to leave and keeps playing! Some nurseries have online social media style systems where you can see photos of what they've been up to, which is reassuring.

It can be tricky if they get ill as unlike your family the nursery won't be willing to have them for anything viral. I usually keep some holidays saved up in case I need to take time off to stay with him.

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