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Ellsiedodah Wed 17-Jan-18 12:39:50

Hi all

I'm interested to hear people's views and experiences on distance learning. Just before Christmas I began the first module of the CIM Professional Marketing Diploma. I've never done distance learning before but it was the cheapest learning option and as I'm pregnant I was trying to do something that would not mean I could study during the day (as opposed to classes which are nighttime). I'm so disappointed with the learning materials - each unit is offered as: a PPT with notes (ie like what a uni lecturer would work from), with a clunky read-out version of it but without the embellishment of the detail around it that the PPT notes offer - just a poor reader slowly reading each basic slide and referring back to the PPT for any detail. And you have to click to every time you get to the next slide - no flow and no interest! There are 3 10 min podcasts, again read, slowly and not particularly well - and by someone who sounds like they're at death's door - who wants to learn through someone who just sounds shattered?! There are some pre-recorded webinars which talk a bit more around the subjects but I can't understand webinars are not the lead materials.

On top of this the college suggests 7-10 hours per unit, but with approx 150 pages of academic text to read on top of these materials per unit (and I've got 3 days per unit with no stopping) I'm massively struggling to get to grips with it in the time I have - from both an engagement perspective and a time perspective. To the point I'm genuinely thinking of giving it up for now, though I hate myself for even thinking like that. So ladies, I'm hoping for some wise words from any angle!

As a bit of context, I gave up working late Sept last year finally in a desperate attempt to fall pregnant on our second round of assisted fertility. I did fall pregnant, leaving me unemployable (plus I'd just attempted a career change which wasn't what I'd hoped it would be so I kinda had closed doors at that point anyway) so thought I'd do something productive with my time and try to show to future employers I actually want a career again after the kiddo. Oh yeah... and I already have a degree and a masters and I'm mid thirties.

Any words of advice or experiences shared would be much appreciated. Thanks so much x

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headsupcoaching Wed 17-Jan-18 19:50:17

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