I got a job!

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wrimad Fri 12-Jan-18 13:01:11

Just posting out of joy, really!

Been a sahm for 7 years, and a lone parent for the last three of those.

I took a chance and applied for a job that I knew I could do, even though I have this huge gap on my CV, and am about 20 years older than everyone else who works there.

I got really positive feedback from my application and then called to an interview, which went amazingly well despite my nerves, and now I'm employed and allowed to work from home!!

So so happy, and I really didn't think it possible - the idea of being able to work and support myself has seemed like a dream. Now it seems like I just might be able to do it smile

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shakeyourcaboose Fri 12-Jan-18 13:03:29

Fantastic! Go you!!

kohl Fri 12-Jan-18 13:05:13

Congratulations OP, I'm really pleased for you, bloody well done!

happyinthehaze Fri 12-Jan-18 13:10:46


HelenaJustina Fri 12-Jan-18 13:14:05

Many many congratulations! I got a job after 8 years as a SAHM so know how you feel. It’s amazing and unlocks a different part of you. Have fun celebrating!

wrimad Fri 12-Jan-18 13:20:50

Thanks everyone - yes to unlocking a different part of me - it really does feel fantastic!

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SottoVoc3 Fri 12-Jan-18 13:21:46


LittlestTruck Fri 12-Jan-18 13:22:09

Fantastic well done op great news

Ikabod Fri 12-Jan-18 13:29:46

Congratulations! Well done you smile

Umakemefeellikedancing Fri 12-Jan-18 13:38:04

Well done. I've been a SAHM now since 2011 and I'm really starting to feel I need something else.

Believeitornot Fri 12-Jan-18 13:38:36

Well done! Brilliant.

What’s the job?

wrimad Fri 12-Jan-18 13:46:40

I don’t want to out myself but the job involves being very literate, good with words, and good with spelling, grammar, etc. Being able to create, too. I had to argue to be able to work from home ( I need to for various reasons), but they saw my points and agreed.

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Umakemefeellikedancing Fri 12-Jan-18 18:54:38

Good luck with it!

Dingdong1975 Sat 13-Jan-18 12:58:00

Congratulations! It was an amazing feeling when I got mine after 9 years of career break! I too working with younger people but soon moving into team where most are older.

Good luck and hope you will enjoy it!

wrimad Sat 13-Jan-18 16:01:31

Thank you smile

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MrsDrThorne Mon 15-Jan-18 10:29:22

That's great, congratulations and well done!

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