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what to do next

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angelinwellies Wed 10-Jan-18 18:37:16

I have a local part time position. I need to supplement that. Am astounded at the lack of career advice really for returning to work and over 40!

I used to do HR. I would rather pick my own eyes out with a cocktail stick than return to that corporate treadmill, mainly as i hate the commute.

But what to do? How to change? Why is all the advice aimed at childfree men in mid management? Its bizarre!

Any one else in the same or similar? Dream here and maybe we can inspire our generation....

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headsupcoaching Wed 17-Jan-18 19:57:05

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WithTwoGiantBoys Thu 18-Jan-18 20:32:09

I can't answer but currently having the same discussion elsewhere! I don't know what to do next, and need a careers advisor. Feel so overwhelmed at the scale of the task of finding a way back in to satisfying work. The landscape looks so different from how it was when I last changed jobs and I've no idea how it works now. No advice, sorry, but much sympathy.

2017RedBlue Fri 19-Jan-18 14:31:33

Seems like there aren't a huge amount of options out there.

1) Find a local part-time job - which might use some of your old skills but will invariably be poorly paid.
2) Go back to what you were doing before, full-time and accept horror of commute etc for sake of good salary, work promotions etc
3) Set up your own business....
4) Change career completely and throw yourself to the wolves! Ha! Or maybe not. Some people seem to make a go of it but think you really need to be in it for the long haul and know this is the THING you are put on planet earth for as there will be long spells when you are learning etc and carving your new 'career' out. May still have to go full-time and make compromises...

None of them look very appealing do they? Compromises all the way.

Yes seems like the 40 plus woman is the new 50 plus man. We can't get back either and face all the same problems they face too. At least they got another 10 years on us! Minus the childcare!

WithTwoGiantBoys Fri 19-Jan-18 16:22:15

Well, I started my own business which I've happily run around the kids for the last 4 years, but it's seasonal and although it has worked well around little ones I'd like to do something proper, that would pay the bills rather than extras. Don't think there is a way back into my old industry and wouldn't want to. I'm not in a point of my life where I could give 60+ hours a week (with no overtime pay) even if I wanted to. Which I don't. But entry level jobs expect new-graduate-aged applicants with boundless energy and no commitments.

It's either really rubbish jobs for no pay, or half decent pay for long hours that I wouldn't get anyway.


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