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Artworker job-share

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Moomintoog Mon 08-Jan-18 22:34:50

HI, I wondered if there are any other mum's out there who are Artworkers looking for part time/flexible working hours. I'm hoping to find someone to share my current full time position at an agency in London.

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Gandalfsbreadbin Mon 08-Jan-18 23:14:30

Hi, I'm an artworker/designer! Where abouts in London is it? I'm looking for something part time and with flexible hours which is so hard to get.

Moomintoog Mon 08-Jan-18 23:35:54

Hi, I have just pm'd you smile

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Anna2705 Wed 10-Jan-18 15:58:38

Hi, I’m also interested. If the position is still going could you send me some info? Thanks 😀

Moomintoog Wed 10-Jan-18 17:47:49

Thanks ladies, I'll PM/reply to you both shortly smile

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kimhitch Mon 15-Jan-18 09:10:30

Hi - If you're still looking for someone to job share with I am interested. 25 years plus professional artworker, looking for part time work.

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