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isitcosimcool Mon 08-Jan-18 10:11:55

Filling out application forms and interested to know how long personal statements or supporting info sections should be. I'm at 1200 words and covered half of what I want to. Is it better to cover everything and risk boring the recruiter to death or be concise and risk omitting key info?

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MoniUnicorn Mon 08-Jan-18 22:34:32

Are there any competencies that go along with the job advert?

It's generally a good idea use those as a guide and do a few sentences to show how I meet each. 2-3 pages is generally Ok as long as it is structured well i.e bullets and paragraphs so that it is not a solid block of text.

If you use the competencies as a guide you should be able to keep it concise whilst getting the key info across.

So, for example, it might say - experienced in report writing/ reporting to senior management - the answer would be:

I am experienced in internal and external reporting and in the preparation of complex reports; in my current role, I report to the Executive team and Quality and Risk Committees regarding performance in key areas such as....

Hope this helps, good luck!

isitcosimcool Tue 09-Jan-18 18:58:45

I've written the statement to tackle all the essential criteria on the person spec. Then once you include demonstrating experience relating to all the duties, it is a lengthy doc! Finished and sent to DM to proofread (as DH just reads and says 'good'). It's 1775 words shock

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