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Are there actually good work from home jobs?

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Tryingtoconceive2years Thu 28-Dec-17 11:36:05

That arent pyramid schemes and that I could work on in school hours?

Rainbowmother Thu 28-Dec-17 11:37:55

I'd love to know too. A lot promise all sorts and then there's a fee and exhausting all your contacts.

Afreshturkeyplease Thu 28-Dec-17 11:38:56


happyinherts Thu 28-Dec-17 11:39:58

Depending on your skills, set up your own business. Then you'll be doing what you're good at, like, can be independent and work hours to suit yourself.

Tryingtoconceive2years Thu 28-Dec-17 11:42:25

I have 12 years experience in sales and have an arts degree but would'nt know where to start setting up my own business.

twotired Wed 10-Jan-18 19:48:35

Perhaps local art classes? I know someone who does something similar and does quite well, covers about 4/5 different areas and charges per person for a course in different techniques and materials.

INeedNewShoes Wed 10-Jan-18 19:52:38

I run a freelance business involving classical music work. I do a variety of work so that all my eggs aren't in one basket but all directly music related. It earns enough for me to live on but it's by no means a big earner. I have the flexibility to work whenever and wherever suits me.

Firstimer703 Sat 13-Jan-18 11:50:52

I've got a great work from home job although there is a trade off and sometimes I have to have nights away with travel confused

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