I want a job but don't know where to start with cv

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ButtonPatch Tue 26-Dec-17 21:09:02

Sorry i don't know if I'm in the right place

I'm 22 and have a 2 year old daughter.
I really want a job so I can spend my wasted hours more productively and earn a bit of money to help my partner out a bit with the house. But I don't know where to start with even writing my cv because I haven't worked, I feel like it would be the most bland cv and would be chucked to the side for having no experience.
I was at college until 19 and went straight to uni, but i had to then leave because I was commuting and had several hoapital appointments due medical conditions whilst pregnant.
My partner works 48 hours a week in care, I feel useless sat at home all day and I'm awake until 6.30am or later almost every night.
I'm wanting to apply for some night time care jobs so that i can stop being sat watching pointless YouTube videos for several hours a night. blush

Is there anything i can put on my cv that would make me not sound boring or lazy, I really don't want to be stuck doing nothing 😢😢

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WingsofNylon Tue 26-Dec-17 21:59:15

Stop calling yourself lazy. Your reasons and circumstances mean you have had a job yet, that is all.

The good news is that you want a job. So with regards to your cv. Easy, you lost your personal details, your schools and all the grades you got. How much uni did you manage? Did you complete any credits? If so put thoes on there.

Then focus on your skills, what are you good at? Put that down and be ready to give examples.

Putting aside the cv writing though. Your sleep pattern doesn't seem good at all. When are you sleeping if not at night? Poor sleeping will really kill your mental health.

If you don't get feel that you could be considered for care then here are some other jobs that you could do in the evenings.

Retail - supermarkets then to be 24 hours there days.
Cleaning - office buildings tend to be cleaned over night.
Delivery driver - if you can drive them plenty of good delivery options available.

2017RedBlue Wed 27-Dec-17 19:24:52

What did you study? It doesn't matter that you stopped - you had to and you had no choice due to health reasons. There is no shame in that and you need to own this decision and learn to feel good about it. You put your health and your child's health first - the RIGHT decision.

So what did you study? Clearly you wanted more - but life took a curve ball. That's fine - nearly everyone on the planet has had a curve ball thrown at them. They won't discard you like you imagine. They will just see someone who had to make some changes due to a child arriving. Every Mum has been through that so you're talking a large amount of the population.

first I would consider completing whatever you were studying. although it's not always the case, you're generally still going to earn more money and command more respect from employers with more qualifications to your name.

You could spend all those hours you're up at night studying getting ready to pass exams - could you not? ;) It would also boost your self-esteem.

Secondly, I would suggest volunteering somewhere to just begin the process of working somewhere. Even if it's night volunteering. You could offer to do night shift at an animal shelter or at a nursing home. I'm not sure what sort of roles these places would have for volunteers but check out. do-it.org/

cannaethink Sun 31-Dec-17 17:30:58

Have a look at sites such as myworldofwork and planit that can help you put together a cv, and help you identify your skills and strengths.
There’ll probably be employability programmes that you can access local to you with people able to help you with getting into work too.

ButtonPatch Sun 31-Dec-17 17:42:56

Thank you all for the replies, i remembered I did 3 years volunteering so i managed to add that into my cv, it's all finished now
I just need to apply now and if i am successful try and arrange child care 😣

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