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do you work from home/run your own business?

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Amaryllis Fri 23-Jul-04 21:00:54

I'm interested in chatting to other mumsnetters in the same position as me - I started my own pr business after having dd so i could arrange my work round her a bit better than when working for someone else.

I find there are pros and cons - main con is that it's hard to switch off!

Anyone else her in a similar siuations?


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mrsflowerpot Fri 23-Jul-04 21:04:54

yes, me too.

I worked freelance after ds (now 3) was born, it got harder and harder as he got older and slept less in the day (I never had regular childcare as the work was unpredictable).

Now working for dh's new company, and the workload is getting pretty big. Main pro is I can do it whenever I can fit it in, big con is that's usually in the evening, also dh and I talk about nothing else.

I'd love to chat to you more about this - will post again but I'm (allegedly) working now!

newbie Fri 23-Jul-04 21:07:58

Hi Antonia. I'm in a similar position. I was a publishing editor in my previous life so since my DS1 was about 6 months old I've been doing freelance editing from home. It is hard work fitting it in (especially since DS2 and DS3 arrived) so I tend to only now be able to do stuff either when DH is home or in the evenings when all little critters are asleep. Two main cons: 1) Am knackered! 2)Bloody inland revenue forms. The pros are obviously the money mainly, but I also like feeling that my brain still can function on a level other than the one needed to sort out three boys (wouldn't like to say which was the harder...) Also after a bad day with the boys, it's nice to do some work and feel that, actually, I am good at something after all!

Good luck with your business xxx

neetsmassi Fri 23-Jul-04 21:12:57

Hi - Me too - I am a self employed tax consulatant. Will post later(probably not before Monday)as am away for the weekend and need to go and pack. Would be very interested to hear other people's stories.

Take Care

gloworm Sat 24-Jul-04 11:34:41

i open a health food shop 3 & 1/2 years ago. since then we have had 2 children, ds is 2 and dd is 9mths.
I watch the kids/housework in the morning and go in to the shop after lunch. DH does shop in morning and kids in afternoon. So far this is working quite well for us. we both get to spend time with the kids and get to see them grow up...and we both get away from the kids and get that much needed headspace! When the children are older and going to school we will probably change how we do things.

Pro's at the moment are ability to do what you want, when you want and not have to follow someone elses orders. see lots of the kids. relativly stress free. can moan to dh about those awkard annoying customers and he knows what i'm taking about!

Con's: not much money (hopefully this will change as accountant says we are doing great for a new business), always seem to bring work/problems home, spare time always seems to be taken up with shop stuff.

In general the pro's outway the cons!

Amaryllis Sat 24-Jul-04 17:23:37

Thanks for answering everyone!

I find it so hard to work in the p.m.s now - dd used to be asleep quite early, bnut now it's more like 8pm and I'm soooo tired by then I can't work. She still gets up dead early tho, so can't put her to bed earlier!

I'd love another babe - but think this would throw the business completely for a few months ;-)


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Miaou Sat 24-Jul-04 18:49:59

Hi Amaryllis

I am just setting up my own business working from home too. I am setting up a website selling my own cross-stitch designs.

My dds are at school and my dh doesn't work, so fitting childcare around work isn't really a problem for me.

Definately like to keep this thread going - we can all support each other!!

jampot Sat 24-Jul-04 18:51:41

Used to but not any more

katierocket Sat 24-Jul-04 19:41:18

I have worked as a freelance PR bod for 2+ years. There are a few threads about this;

-Own boss

-easy to be distracted (i.e. spending 3 hours on mumsnet)
-miss the social aspect of working in office

On balance though - no competition, would hate to have to get into office for 9 et etc
Does your DD go to nursery/childminder amaryllis?
do you specialise at all or do all sorts of PR?

littlemissbossy Sun 25-Jul-04 18:03:55

I too work from home and have done for 4 years. It's been good for me because I can wear jeans everyday if I want, have a break when I like, don't have to get involved in company politics, etc, etc. More importantly, it allows me to work around the children which is great in the holidays, not having the worry of arranging childcare. The downside is keeping myself motivated and off mumsnet!!! I really enjoy working from home and dread the thought of having to return to a job that requires me to dress in a suit and be in the office by 9am!

melsy Sun 25-Jul-04 18:34:18

I work from home started in 2002 ,after years in an office. I havementioned what I do on several threads. What I like is that I can chop and change the jobs I take on ,as they are all creative art and furniture & interior design, (or homestyling as I like to call it), commisions.

I found the hardest aspect was sitting alone at home with no banter, but having mumsnet allows that through the day. Thank god for mumsnet!! I also meet so many different people doing research so I speak to people all over on email or MSN. Also finidng that you end up sitting around in your pjs for just a bit longer than you should, look at what youve got to do project wise and then find loads of other things to do!! As dd is only 10 mths old there are limited times I can sit and do work, so it has to be evenings or weekends when Dh is home.

Amaryliss is one of my favourite flowers BTW !!

melsy Sun 25-Jul-04 18:45:00

Little missy I dont think weve talked a lot about our work. What is it that you do and how do you find it around looking after DS ??

littlemissbossy Sun 25-Jul-04 18:51:07

I work for my dh - he runs a graphic design business. We have an office at home and clients are aware that's where I generally work, although our business address is 20 minutes drive away, so I can go there if I want, but only go if I realllllly have to! Because most of our work is computer generated, it doesn't really matter where we work, but clients expect you to have a "proper" office IYSWIM. My ds goes to preschool mornings only, so this is when I generally go through all the paperwork, well if I can keep off mumsnet long enough! In September he starts full-time school, so I suppose I could go the office then - but TBH I can't be ar$ed

melsy Sun 25-Jul-04 19:01:56

Cool , I started off in graphic design at college, but was pushed more down the 3d route. So you do the design work too ??

littlemissbossy Sun 25-Jul-04 19:04:19

No - account handling, dealing with the suppliers and most of the paperwork, including sorting out the dreaded VAT return

Beetroot Sun 25-Jul-04 19:07:54

Message withdrawn

Beetroot Sun 25-Jul-04 19:09:10

Message withdrawn

melsy Sun 25-Jul-04 19:10:47

Great beety yes lets do lunch !! Youve just reminded me littlemissy I have to do my tax returns soon. DREAD !!!

littlemissbossy Sun 25-Jul-04 19:13:03

oooh melsy, you've just reminded me, need to send inland revenue a cheque tomorrow for ours
Good idea beetroot, we could have a virtual-stay-at-home-staff-canteen

melsy Sun 25-Jul-04 19:16:10

ey look weve just created our very own work from home support group !!

littlemissbossy Sun 25-Jul-04 19:18:30

great, what time shall we meet up tomorrow?

melsy Sun 25-Jul-04 19:21:11

I do lunch at 1:30 when dd has gone to bed and normally munch it in front of here !!

melsy Sun 25-Jul-04 19:22:33

Must make sure we motivate each other to work, other wise well be telling each other off for being on here too much !!

littlemissbossy Sun 25-Jul-04 19:29:18

ok, i don't know whether i'll last with no food until 1.30pm, but i'll try

Amaryllis Sun 25-Jul-04 20:40:28

Jampot - what made you stop? Lots of people I know find it a continual battle to keep their business going and combine it woth family - I often think I'd be better off with a 'proper job'! But there's something about running your own business......mind you, don';t think I could work for anyone else now!


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