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Returning to work after 6 weeks off sick - anxiety

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Louba4 Fri 15-Dec-17 08:46:02

Hi all,

I'm due to return back to work on Monday after six weeks off sick. I had an emergency op as I had suspected ectopic due to the amount of pain I was in and the result of a scan, however thankfully it was a false alarm and I'm almost 12 weeks now.

The thing is, I only started this job end of August and barely know anyone, including my manager, as it's such a big company. So naturally I'm extremely anxious about returning to work, worried about what people will think of me and how they will be around me.

I'm still not feeling 100%, far from it, so I know I could probably extend my sick note but I'm worried the longer I'm off the worse my anxiety will be.

Does anyone have any advice or been in a similar situation?

Thank you x

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PasstheStarmix Fri 15-Dec-17 08:54:24

My advice would be that everybody's far too wrapped up in their own lives and themselves to worry about what you're doing; especially because it's a big company. I always feel like thinking like this helps me personally when I feel anxious. Congratulations on your pregnancy; you've been through a very worrying time. If anybody judges you for that than they have a serious character flaw and aren't the kind of people whose opinion i'd value. Hope your head up high, look forward to your baby; you haven't done anything wrong. Hopefully your colleagues will have only been concerned for you and will be pleased to see you. This is an exciting time and soon you'll be on maternity leave with your beautiful baby. It's goes so fast!! flowers

PasstheStarmix Fri 15-Dec-17 08:54:51


PasstheStarmix Fri 15-Dec-17 08:55:57

Oh and if you're still not feeling well and need longer get your note extended. Your health and your baby is all that matter at this moment in time. Take care x

PasstheStarmix Fri 15-Dec-17 08:56:09


user1470584717 Fri 15-Dec-17 09:07:20


I think the worst thing to do is to extend your sick days if you want to stay in the job unless you really not well enough to get back? Otherwise you still have to go through the same thing but worst.

I understand your anxiety, there always be people who get annoyed even to get pregnant. Please remember you have not done anything wrong, try not to over think it and try to get along with your colleagues when you get back for your own sake. I've got colleagues who miss work all the time, no one would comment as they are generally liked by others. It always been like this all of my career time.

Just make sure colleagues aware you had emergency op and needed time to recover etc.

Good luck.

PasstheStarmix Fri 15-Dec-17 09:39:59

Also you don't need to share while you've been off if you don't want to. Your colleagues don't need to know; it's confidential. Only share with who you want to and who you're comfortable with and don't feel like you have to explain yourself to anybody as you don't. Your managers know that's all that's needed.

PasstheStarmix Fri 15-Dec-17 09:40:10


Louba4 Fri 15-Dec-17 09:42:32

@PasstheStarmix thank you so much for your kind words smile you make a good point about everyone being too wrapped up in their own lives - especially so near to Christmas! I think going back before Christmas whilst everyone is merry and excited would be better than going back in the New Year! Besides if I went back and it was too much at least I would have tried! Thanks again x

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Louba4 Fri 15-Dec-17 09:45:55

@user1470584717 I think you have a point there, it's just hard because some days I feel I could go back to work and others I just need to rest for the day due to pain and fatigue. Hopefully once I'm back I'll be glad for it though and it will be one less worry smile thank you! x

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PasstheStarmix Fri 15-Dec-17 09:48:07

You are very welcome; exactly it's probably the perfect time and might hopefully be an easier time for you with all of the festivities at the moment. The first day is always the worst but once that's out of the way you'll feel so much better and I think you'll find people will be so preoccupied with a million different things. You'll get back there and think what was I worrying about!?! Have a lovely Christmas, x fsmile

PasstheStarmix Fri 15-Dec-17 09:49:33

Make sure you let your manager know any limitations so they put you on lighter duties if needed but hopefully as I say it'll be easier this time of year...good luck. flowers

user1485778793 Thu 21-Dec-17 21:53:55

Can you have a phased return?

fireflame Sun 11-Feb-18 19:15:32

Wondering how your return to work went?
I am going through the same sort of thing excluding the pregnancy tho!

Louba4 Sun 11-Feb-18 20:30:17

@fireflame It went far better than I could have imagined smile everyone was lovely, some people asked how I was and some people were a little more reserved and just smiled or said hello, but I think that was dependant on the person. I was given a lighter workload and my manager told me if anything was too much he'd understand. I've had a day or two off sick since then too and still had a lot of support.

Most importantly though I felt so much better for being back at work physically and emotionally, and since then I've been working hard and hopefully on my way to a promotion before or after the little man arrives!

I hope all goes we for you flowers the advice above really helped for me x

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fireflame Sun 11-Feb-18 20:57:01

@louba4 aww that's fantastic well done to you
Good luck with pregnancy 💐
And well done regarding promotion 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Thank you for the feed back much appreciated
In my 50's never had a days sick/late from work until now
Several deaths in our family one after the other including one suicide
I just couldn't cope anymore, however seem to be getting back on track after having some cbt therapy (Amazing)
My work have been so understanding and very grateful for that as I love my job
So here's hoping that mine goes as well as yours, not due back for another 2 weeks but so nervous.

Dingdong1975 Mon 12-Feb-18 15:59:16

Glad you made the right decision and things turned out better than as expected, nothing better than supportive colleagues and employer.

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