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Boyfriend claiming benefits

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GlitterBaby1 Wed 06-Dec-17 03:35:24

Not sure where to post this....but here goes...

I have been dating a guy for 4 months, he told me within 3 months of dating that he was not telling the truth about his work. I actually sussed him out that he was getting money from else where because he has a blue badge for his car. He wasn't a landscape gardener, a property developer but claimed to be a electrician and a plumber. He has the qualifications for both of those. But he has been claiming since he was 21 as he came from a bad car accident, left him with brain injury and short term memory loss.

Anyway he told me he had £30k (to keep me pleased) so I believed him but needed proof as he lied about his occupation. He couldn't give me proof as he said he needed more time, it was in his Dads account then it was in his Sisters account visa versa, wouldn't come clean about it.

He mentioned he should of came off it three years ago!! I asked him why didn't he? he said nothing and still claims, he has a Mercedes Benz AMG C CLASS car he drives around in and says he believes he is better than people on a building site he works on!! because he has the money coming in like a private pension! He does odd jobs and works along side his father for cash!

His rent costs him £850 for a 1 bedroom house to rent, £110 for a top up for the car, £70 for Sky, £150 on eating out as he can't cook, £40 on a mobile contract list goes on... he basically is claiming £1300 and that pays for his outgoings and living costs.

He has a office interview on my Birthday!!! to show that he is still ill and can't work.

I have noticed a pattern of his behaviour that he chooses to play the victim on many occasions. So this memory loss I am not so sure if he really has it, as I asked him do you have long term memory loss? he said no I don't none at all. I asked him again 1 second afterwards, he said yes, I have it! how can that possibly be true? then I asked him again then confronted him he said I was confusing his brain already lol I think he has become a good liar to get away with what he has done!

GlitterBaby1 Wed 06-Dec-17 03:36:29

Just wanted to know what would you do in your situation? would you tell the Benefit fraud people? Or would this create bad karma?

Thermowoman Wed 06-Dec-17 03:39:01

I'd report him in a heartbeat, he's a benefit cheat. And dump his sorry loser ass.

overmydeadbody Wed 06-Dec-17 03:39:12

I'd dump him. Actually, of never have gone out with him in the first place.

overmydeadbody Wed 06-Dec-17 03:39:35

And yes, I'd also report him.

GlitterBaby1 Wed 06-Dec-17 03:44:36

My mum said it wouldn't be nice to dob him in as I could create drama as he knows where I live? should I tell my Police Officer friend before I do it?

Allthecake Wed 06-Dec-17 04:01:37

First of all get rid, he's completely dodgy and sounds like a complete loser with or without £30k in somebody else's bank. I'd leave it for a fair while then report him anonymously if you think there's a danger of retaliation. Hope your next boyfriend is made of better stuff!

Christmascardqueen Wed 06-Dec-17 04:19:26

you have no way of knowing how deep the lies go.
time to cut your losses and move on.

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