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Tips for working full time and staying on top of things!

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BeerBaby Thu 30-Nov-17 20:43:09

I've not worked full time for 8 years and about to start a new job. My DC are primary school. Dh works full time with big commute so children and food generally fall to me to arrange.

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BackforGood Thu 30-Nov-17 23:55:43

dc need to understand things are changing. Benefits are there will be more money for {insert what they like doing in terms of hobbies or holidays or even to have their own bedrooms or whatever}, but the flip side of it is you will have less time so everyone in the house now needs to chip in a bit more than they have previously.
Sort out jobs / responsibilities that they know are theirs.
Then I'd think about shopping on-line. Takes longer to set up the first time, but you then have most of your 'standard shop' there and doesn't take long once you are in to it. Even if you aren't keen / want to hand pick your veg or meat or whatever, do a once a month shop for 'store cupboard' basics like pasta, rice, coffee, teabags, longlife fruit juice, tins, etc, plus washing powder, toilet roll and so forth, so when you do go to your local supermarket, it is much quicker.
3. It's worth having an extra school jumper / trousers whatever, so there isn't such a tight 'turnaround' on a wash, or you aren't desparate if there is a spillage
4. Get everyone to take responsibility for adding things on to shopping list, and to family calendar (I would stick a 'month to view' on fridge so it was clear for all). Train everyone to put things on the list when they use the penultimate can / jar / packet / box, and not wait until it has run out. Saves you scrabbling round, searching for things to put on a list
5 dc to take responsibility for packing own bags and also unpacking.... eg if swim kit doesn't get put in the wash basket they miss out on it being washed...... it feels cruel when you do it but does them the world of good long term.
Top tip - get a cleaner.

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