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return to work - positive, inspiring examples wanted!

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einelille Wed 22-Nov-17 10:25:08

Ladies, a colleague and i are working on a proposal for HR to improve the support our company provides for mums returning to work after maternity leave. At the moment there is none, and we want to put forward some workable ideas of how the company can better support future mums on their return. We are looking for more inspiration.

How do other companies formally support mums returning to work?
Has anyone got any positive, inspiring examples where the return to work was an easy transitions? Are there company policies that have made a big difference to your life? Amazing colleagues that you could share the experience with? A line manager that arranged flexible hours to deals with the first wave of constantly sick child in new nursery?

Our ideas so far include
* a "return to work mentor", (another mum from a different team that you can discuss your emotions with)
* "training/info sheet for line managers" (to encourage them to treat returning mums similar to new starters, by making and effort to introduce key stakeholders, defining goals, discuss projects & expectations for the coming months, schedule regular check ins to ensure the new mum settles back into the role)
* emergency child care provision through external agency

We will be so grateful for any examples you can share that we could include in our list of suggestions!

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infromthewoods Tue 28-Nov-17 11:54:57

Have pm'd you

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