Tips to ease anxiety going back to work after maternity :(

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crazycatlady5 Mon 13-Nov-17 09:59:55

My little one is 9 months and I’m aiming to go back to work when she’s just turned a year, so end of January. I am dreading it and suffering with anxiety over it. I thought I’d be desperate to go back but I’m really not sad I’m also so worried about how she’ll cope as she’s very attached to me.

Any advice?

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Anawi Mon 13-Nov-17 10:19:20

No advice really, but sympathy. I also have a 9 month old, well she will be in 3 days, and I'm due back to work in January 😣 Totally and utterly dreading it. But, this is my third baby and despite waking in the night feeling sick and anxious and hating the idea of settling her into nursery, I also know having done it before that the thought of going back to work is worse than the reality, we as a family will adjust to our new normal and that it will all be Ok!

Going back to work after mat leave sucks, but it will all be Ok. And if fit some reason it's not then nothing has to be forever and you can always rethink or look for another job.

Will you be going back full time or part time?

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