Daily/Weekly routine tips for full-time job - mum of four! HELP

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WhatInTheWorld76 Thu 09-Nov-17 20:08:33

8-6:15 every day.
Kids aged between 18 months and nearly 18 years.

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Dozyoldtwonk Thu 09-Nov-17 19:35:04

How old are your children, and what will your working hours be? Watching with interest as I’ll soon be going back to work (albeit 4 days a week one of which working from home), with 2 DC under 3.

Littlemissamy Thu 09-Nov-17 19:16:49

Get everything for the morning ready the night before.
Get into the habit of sticking a load of washing in the machine at night, turn it on before you go to work, hang to dry/stick in the tumble dryer as soon as you get home/the kids are in bed.
I only have 1 dc and as soon as we get in, I get him showered and in pjs. Then we chill out before bed - he has dinner at the Childminder’s.
When he’s in bed, I’ll tidy up downstairs then go in the shower when he’s fallen asleep. Then I’ll put the clean washing away, dry my hair, pjs on and uniform out for the morning. Pack both our bags for the morning, then have dinner. It’s a busy evening, I don’t normally sit down for food until gone 9pm.
Get a slow cooker! You can stick anything in them so you don’t have to cook.
Good luck xx

WhatInTheWorld76 Thu 09-Nov-17 18:56:20

I have four kids.
I'm about to start a full time job.
I cannot go flexi or part time or anything helpful.
I need tips, tricks, advice and help in order to manage it all.
Single mum.
No help except childminder.
I need advice on routines etc so I can juggle it all better.
So, all you organised, high functioning working people out there - tell me your secrets. Please! TIA

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