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Tesco induction

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JustMeeAgain Thu 09-Nov-17 17:01:59

Hi. I've got an induction for Tesco next week and I was so excited to get the call back I forgot to ask what to wear! I was going to wear what I wore for the interview, blouse, navy trousers and ballet pumps does this sound right? The role is for till work but im not sure whether the shoes would be suitable or do i need something more substantial or will I just need them when I actually start the role? Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Amanda27365 Thu 09-Nov-17 17:29:08

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ducksauce Fri 10-Nov-17 06:08:30

Depends on the store! Personally I am happy for people to wear whatever feels comfortable as most of the time is sat in a training room however some of the activities are shop floor based so your store may want you to be dressed for customer facing. Just phone up the store and ask they won't mind smile

JustMeeAgain Mon 13-Nov-17 14:18:19

Thanks duck

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Swizzlesticks23 Mon 13-Nov-17 14:21:53


I worked for them about six years ago and on the induction / H&s training day we all filled out a uniform ordering sheet

On the training day people even wore jeans so Im sure you will look fab.

Well done and good luck. X

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