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WWYD in this situation re work

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Dramaramalama Tue 07-Nov-17 10:01:57

I would really value some input as I’m unsure what to do. I currently work 2.5 days a week in a school with an hour long commute each way. My children are currently in private nursery where they are happy and settled.
My issue is that in my current role my salary only covers Nursery fees, in fact we are down £100 a month once you factor in petrol and the fees shortfall from my salary. I originally thought this didn’t matter as working has been really important to my mental health, plus I feel it is good to keep my hand in the workplace.

The problem now is my role is a new one and I’m really not enjoying it. It’s unfulfilling and there is a lack of training. It’s starting to make me feel down which in turn is making me question what is the point...

My worry is trying to get my eldest into the local nursery (have contacted re space) as ideally I want him in Nursery as he is 4 and I feel he benefits from the structure and learning.

We are crippled by nursery fees with both children in private Nursery but In January 2019 both will get some free funding. So what would you do, stick it out or take a couple of years out? Should have said my current role is only temp anyway so may not exist this time next year.

I suppose another option is work evenings howeve my husbands has taken on a new role with loads of travel so this may not be an option.

It’s so hard trying to work out what is best for us as a family

missymousey Tue 07-Nov-17 20:47:09

Poor you. A couple more years in a job you don't like sounds miserable! But it also sounds like you wouldn't want to not work at all, so I don't really understand what happens in Jan 2019 when you get nursery funding?

Can you look for a new job now? Maybe one closer to home? Even at the same level where you break even it would be better than your current situation.

Dramaramalama Wed 08-Nov-17 15:12:24

Thanks for replying smile yes I would ideally like to keep working. My second child is entitled to 15hrs from January 2019 and this will make a huge financial difference to us.
I had a big think last night and I think you are right, looking for a different role is probably the answer. My dh doesn’t think I will be happy being at home full time and deep down I know he is right. The problem with my current role is I like the employer and would happily stay if I was in a different role. Oh well, time to start job hunting!

missymousey Wed 08-Nov-17 22:40:56

Well good luck! I hope something comes along quickly. You never know, a move just now might be a step to a more fulfilling role with your current lovely employer at some later date.

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