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Benefits Help!?

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user1498205994 Wed 01-Nov-17 09:55:51

So I have a job starting on the 4th December - I'm a single mum to two children aged 3 & 2 I'm currently on benefits.

I have a childminder starting in January? So tax credits say I'll be entitled to £340 a week (childcare is £330 per week), I'll pay £200 in rent & council tax a month and get £34 a week child benefit. My wages are £1150 a month.

Question is that work want me to start on the 4th December for 3 Weeks? Luckily a friend will look after both kids BUT they're not a registered childminder so it will be a favour - tax credits put my money down to £12.90 a week as I'm not paying childcare - fair enough - but rent goes up to over £100 a week for those three weeks?

I don't mind but is it going to screw up everything me not paying a childminder for those weeks with my rent etc because it'll be calculated for that month & then re calculated in January??

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