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Work from home schemes , any good ones?

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PamT Thu 27-Jun-02 13:19:00

I keep seeing loads of adverts for work from home on the internet schemes and though I have looked on their web sites I have never got any further because they always want you to send off for an information pack and I am loath to give out most of the information that they ask for. Does anyone know what they are all about and do they ever make any money. I would love to work from home but don't want to be caught up in another scam. I am very sceptical, as you can tell, and do believe that most of these adverts are just too good to be true. Can anyone shed any light?

Lucy123 Thu 27-Jun-02 13:41:21

I am a self-employed programmer and I do work from home (v handy as I can do the odd bit even now when dd is only 6 weeks, but not good socially), so I know a bit about working from home and about the internet.

Basically you're right to be wary of these schemes - some are the old addressing envelopes for 3p an hour thing (they used to advertise in newsagents), others are simply scams. There may be some genuine schemes, but to be honest I can't think of any unskilled/semi-skilled work you could do over the internet and skilled work would require experience/qualifications.

The best way to go about getting a job that you can do at home is to go via normal channels - i.e. get a normal job and then ask if you can work from home. Did you have a job before that would in any way lend itself to this? For example there are several organisations that employ teachers to answer questions by email (and one I saw only required that you had taught, not that you were a qualified schoolteacher). Many other odd part-time jobs can also be done from home easily (book-keeping especially), but for those you should be looking in the local press. Proof reading always attracted me, but again I think you need qualifications.

Alternatively you could teach yourself an internet skill like web design or programming (and I'd recommend the latter as the world and her brother is a web designer right now) and then market yourself as a self-employed professional. This is essentially what I did although I was very lucky in having a ready-made client list from my poor overworked dp (he built up his client list by meeting people in pubs and doing agency work).

Good luck!

oxocube Thu 27-Jun-02 13:48:11

Lucy123, Do you have any more info re the teaching from home thing which you mentioned in your last mail? I am a qualified primary school teacher, but like you, I live outside U.K. and do not speak local language much, so cannot get work easily. Also, my d.s is 8 months and I am really enjoying being at home right now. BUT I would love to be able to do some work from home, if my brain can still function beyond nappies, bath time and Harry Potter!! Do you have a web site you could refer me to ?

Many thanks xx

Lucy123 Thu 27-Jun-02 14:42:29

oxocube - I'm trying to remember! I'll have a browse through sites it might have been and get back to you. Otherwise if you're abroad (where?) you could advertise private lessons in English and get students to visit you (or private tuition for English kids). I did this when we first moved to Spain before I could speak very much Spanish. Anyway I'll have a look for the site I saw (it was a proper company, just can't remember which) but I know AOL do a homework help service and therefore employ teachers - you could try that.

oxocube Thu 27-Jun-02 15:01:13

Lucy123, Thanks a lot. We are currently in Holland, about 20 mins south of Amsterdam. The idea of teaching English at home is a possibility, although nearly all the parents speak fairly good English here, so I guess if they were really keen, they could have a go at teaching them themselves. Will look into the OAL site.

By the way, sympathise with your situation. Its not always easy and even though I am not a particularly 'social' person, it can get a bit lonely sometimes. Its not just the language, but all those little customs and nuances which make every country different. I still feel incredibly lucky to have the chance to move about a bit though. How about you?

WideWebWitch Thu 27-Jun-02 15:06:27

PamT, I don't know about any of the sites you mention, but there is a UK company called netmums which pays you to set up a local information service for mums in your area: where the parks, schools, dentists, doctors, toddler groups etc are in your area. They pay you a small amount to set up your local site and give you support from a publicity material and data input point of view but, and it's a BIG but IMO, they don't pay you to maintain it, expecting it to be a labour of love. Mmm. I think we all do quite enough labouring for love actually, but still, it might be worth looking at in the short term. There's no initial outlay or anything as far as I know. If you're interested their site is here

Lucy123 Thu 27-Jun-02 15:16:24

oxocube - I used to be an EFL teacher and I've taught lots of dutch students - that they have good english is good for you because you won't need to speak dutch (you'll just have to revise all your tenses) - I'd try an ad (in English) as Europeans are well aware of the benefits of having a native speaker as a teacher.

Anyway I've just had a search and found this I think it's the one I was going to sign up to but again, many companies provide the service (try searching on "homework help" )

As for living abroad - I love it! in particular I love the fact that learning another language is like learning to think in a different way. If only I had more people to practice on...

elainew2003 Thu 13-Mar-03 15:49:12

I replied to one such ad on another parenting website and senf off for the info pack with reservations but was surprised to find a lovely, respectable company who have won awards and who support Cancer Research with their range of xmas cards. The company in question is Phoenix Trading who sell cards, gift wrap, etc. You can earn 30-45% commission plus further bonusues. I think the cards are lovely and are easy to sell and I would reccomend them to anyone. It is not a get rich scheme it is your own business which you must work at but you can make a good living from. Email me at for more info. Thanks.


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