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bad idea to become a hair dresser? yay or nay?

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Rollforneed Mon 16-Oct-17 19:46:22

Does anyone have any feedback on becoming a hairdresser? I am getting very frustrated with trying to find work after being out for so long (13 years due to moving for XH career and having to sometimes home school SN DS). I have the same old problem of many others, really old references, volunteer work that doesn't really apply...

I have often thought of hairdressing as maybe I could set my own hours and I have good hand/eye skills. Does anyone have experience with this or what it's like going to one the 'schools' where they teach you for a couple months? I don't see many people working as hairdressers at my age (40s) in my area unless they're new immigrants which says to me it's not a good long term career.

TheQueenOfWands Mon 16-Oct-17 19:51:02

My mate's not long finished a similar course. Hair, !makeup, nails, etc.

She loved doing it.

I'm also scared of hairdressers (thanks to a childhood hairdresser called Maureen who used to comb my ears) but because she's so chilled she's now cut my hair a grand total of three times, before that it was about 20 years between haircuts.

I think there's a market for 'quiet' hairdressers/manicurists. They just do their business without asking you a million questions about your job/children.

My mate plays soothing music and STFU. The world needs more of her.

Rollforneed Mon 16-Oct-17 20:10:50

queen There probably is a small market for people who hate getting their hair cut. I am one of them and actually cut my own hair into a mid length bob a few times. It turned out okay. ( I couldn't do the highlights back to the

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