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Need to retrain tired of being broke / hate my job

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bella7687 Sun 15-Oct-17 18:22:05

Hi guys, Im so desperate here... I am currently working as a physics and mathematics teacher, but I hate my job, I hate working with kids, the level of stress and effort and planning to teach kids who dont appreciate my efforts at all is exhausting. Going to work actually gives me anxiety, the thought of the kids acting up and me not being able to control them actually freaks me out. Anyway I have an engineering degree and masters (never worked with it), retrained and did PGCE, mainly because for some reason I couldnt get a job in engineering, and couldnt go without a job, plus the huge amount of money they paid me to become a teacher. Anyway Im tired of being broke, barely getting by on 2K a month, I am a single mother of two kids, and I need to earn more money because I am just about getting by. Im considering accounting or actuary.. anything please advice.

Sorry for typos currently feeling desperate as I plan my lessons for tomorrow.

JenniferYellowHat1980 Sun 15-Oct-17 18:56:28

Be careful. There are very many jobs paying far less than £2k a month. I earn significantly less than half my former salary because I just can’t get anything that pays reasonably after leaving teaching. So much so that I’m considering going back for all the wrong reasons - who could afford to do otherwise?

G1raffe Sun 15-Oct-17 18:57:57

I guessed it would be teaching. I like a lot on these threads as haven't actually you d something else and get The Fear when I think overturning to teaching.

bella7687 Sun 15-Oct-17 19:50:31

Yes your right like many others teaching is soul destroying atleast for me anyway. I'm highly numerate with all the hype about stem degrees surely there must be something else I can do, I'm so desperate to leave, I know I'm a.crap teacher, my classroom management is poor, i just can't take it anymore.

greendale17 Sun 15-Oct-17 19:52:59

Don’t mean to be horrible but I am very surprised you can’t get a job in engineering considering you have a degree and a masters!

There is a massive shortage of engineers in the UK. Ones with masters are like gold dust!

bella7687 Sun 15-Oct-17 20:53:40

Yes greendale17 you are completely right, i really don't understand why I have never managed to get an engineering role bot evening entry level, i did a masters to update my skills as my undergrad was done eight years ago, but still unfortunately I was unable to get a role just like many of the people I studied with.

G1raffe Sun 15-Oct-17 20:55:39

Gosh my autocorrect was on overdrive sad Not sure I can face retyping my post.

Good luck OP.

zippydoodaar Mon 16-Oct-17 15:40:40

How much are you earning, £30k?

The vast majority of jobs pay well under £30K and if you are looking to change direction you'll probably earn quite a bit less to start with.

2017RedBlue Mon 16-Oct-17 18:03:00

Data science is huge right now. But I don't know if you'd get an entry level position paying 30k.

So tell us more about the engineering route.

What happened?
Did you get to interview but not get a role?
Did you find there were no roles to apply for?
Why was everyone else struggling too?
Can you side step and consider

Here's a data science job at Sainsburys. You need to know some coding. But hey, if you learned up on this - the kind of salary you could get would be double or more what you're earning now in a few years time. Probably less, in a year or so you could upgrade to a great salary. loads of jobs. amazing salaries.

Find a way in and you will never look back. You can learn coding for free online.

Raraolala Mon 16-Oct-17 18:05:21

Accountant trainee here, 3 years in and only earning £25k, it’s not a get rich fast career and you need to take a lot of exams. I couldn’t cope with them if I had kids.

WarmFunKindStrong Mon 16-Oct-17 18:18:02

What about becoming a maths/physics tutor or working in a crammer college?

Or move into 6th Form or Further Education? I am sure you would find that there would be less behaviour issues.

hawleybits Mon 16-Oct-17 18:35:44

Or dare I suggest independent schools, if behavioural issues are your biggest concern?

bella7687 Wed 18-Oct-17 10:48:27

I currently earn 31k, it's not an awful salary I guess, but as a single mum I have no hope of getting a mortgage or owning a home. Also to earn more I will need to process in teaching i.e take more responsibilities such as head of department but i hate teaching

bella7687 Wed 18-Oct-17 10:51:55

2017redblue I was applying not getting interviews I have no idea why, i guess I dont really gave work experience in the field and wad competing with people who did. I can code in Python a little bit but im quite rusty I

SheSparkles Wed 18-Oct-17 10:52:22

To pick up on what a PP mentioned, would a change of school make any difference? I'd definitely look into FE colleges etc first before I went into something different -would the pressures be the same? (I'm in Scotland, so our education system is totally different)

millifiori Wed 18-Oct-17 10:59:47

This might sound like an obvious suggestion but you could set up a physics and maths tutoring service. The pay is far better. Depending on your region, it's £25-40ph, no staff meetings, no marking, no issues with class control as you work one-to-one in most situations. Your pupils are keener because they want good grades in your subject.
The downside is that most tutoring is done outside school hours, so in family hours. But you can usually fit in a couple of after school sessions without it impacting much on family life. And if you contact the local home school networks and work with A levl and BA students hwo are struggling, who have more flexible hours, then you could easily end up with the same or greater income for half the hours and none of the stress.

millifiori Wed 18-Oct-17 11:01:09

Bella, is it not true that the more you progress, the less you have to teach? As head of department don't you have more planning and admin work and fewer contact hours - or am I out of touch?

Nasreen Wed 18-Oct-17 13:02:28

31K is a decent salary. I left teaching a decade ago, in fact education altogether and to be honest, right now at the age of 46, I regret not doing something related at least. The jobs I have been doing since, have been extremely low paid and I am getting older. So, for you, I would look to either change school, look at college tutoring, specialise in something e.g. special needs , primary, tutoring, take further responsibility which may reduce your teaching load. Or is it education you wan to get out of completely? Mentoring? Learning Support? Teaching Assistant? Trainer for companies? You will have loads of transferable skills. Think before you act.. you are being paid well compared to many jobs and with moving up the pay spine, have the opportunity to progress further.

What about charities such as Citizens Advice? The pay won't be a patch on what you are on now, but you will have the ability to impart knowledge to others.

bella7687 Wed 18-Oct-17 22:03:30

I want out of education I cant stand working with kids, I want to work with adults, not children who I need to convince that physics and maths are important

Nasreen Thu 19-Oct-17 07:48:24

I would get out now then. Start looking for jobs where you can transfer your skills. Teaching is far too draining to be unhappy in.

Nasreen Thu 19-Oct-17 07:50:05

Functional skills maths tutor ? The adults you teach will want to be there. They will need the maths for courses and jobs they want to do.

millifiori Thu 19-Oct-17 09:20:51

I really don't want to open a can of social worms here, but have you looke dinto a job at a high achieving school? A super-selective grammar or academic independent? You'd find the attitudes are very different. The pupils will love your lessons and your subject and bombard you with energetic attention and interest.
Still stressful, long hours, lots of planning etc. But it might be a good short-term solution while you explore what you'd rather do.

2017RedBlue Thu 19-Oct-17 10:44:09

Well Bella search for a python entry level jobs.

They are out there.

You'll never need to chat to a child (other than your own) ever again.

Salary might be a bit lower for a year or two - but salary will escalate rapidly after that.

it would need to be full-time though I would expect though eventually you could get to the stage where you could be freelance and take a month off here and there for xmas, summer holidays etc.

My brother can do that. He has a few weeks off inbetween contracts. He's a software developer, uses all sorts of languages. Very well paid.

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