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Who's gone back to work FT? How are you juggling work & home life?

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LenneBean Fri 13-Oct-17 09:34:49

Hi Lovelies

I've been back to work since July this year now - Full Time. And boy am I finding it hard.

My emotions are trying to deal with leaving my baby with someone else 9 hours a day, missing out on all the tiny moments (high and low), work/life balance - does that exist anymore?, housework!!!, tiredness, childminder issues, mood swings, and going to a job i'm not particularly buzzing about!

I've been feeling pretty miserable since going back to work... trouble is I want to work. I want to be a working Mummy to provide for my family and instil good values for my daughter. I just want that quality time too, & a happy balance.
I've started to scribble on pieces of paper ideas where I can start up on my own smile, I am sure many of you have done it! Looking at new jobs....

It's pretty tough going back to work, and also pretty lonely. Maternity leave I connected with many mummies, managed to spend quality time with my daughter doing fabulous classes. Then it stops...

Not sure what the answer is at the moment... but I'm searching for it. I'm searching for a solution, I'm just not there yet.

L x

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Sofia2011 Fri 13-Oct-17 20:39:22

Hi there, I am in the same position went back on the 1st of August after 15 months off. 12 maternity and 3 extended as broke ankle whilst off. I’m in a management position too.My baby is sixteen months old and I have a six year old girl too. I’m finding I can’t concentrate at work I can’t seem to get back into the swing of things. I feel like I’ve lost my confidence. My house is a constant mess, I feel like I’m failing at work and home! I hope it gets easier but I feel ur pain I just need the money so have no choice, but I’m miserable too!

makemyminduptime Fri 13-Oct-17 20:44:55

Is there any chance of you doing part time, or would you like to? I'm doing 3 days a
week for a while and find it quite a good balance.

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