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Occupational health check

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TurquoiseTranquility Wed 11-Oct-17 22:23:50

I've just got a job at a school. As obviously there are tons of paperwork involved, references, DBS, etc., I was told I'd be good to start after half term. But no definite start date.
Just got an email from the head saying a number of hurdles have been cleared and as soon as the occupational health check comes back I can start. Oh no shock I've got parents lunch with DD at her school on Tue! She'd be so sad if I can't make it sad
Does anyone have any idea how long these health checks take?

purplecollar Mon 16-Oct-17 01:37:08

A lot of the time it's a paper form to complete and return and you're only called in to see OH if you have something on the form that might require adjustments to the role. .

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