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Returning to work money help!

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Lovebugjel Sun 08-Oct-17 19:29:24

Before maternity I worked 40hrs a week so does my partner. Now we've had our little boy I'm going back to work part time around 16 hrs a week and am so confused as to whether we would get any help with our finances?!? There's no point me going back full time as we don't have a sitter for more than around 3 days a week, when I look to see if we're eligible for working tax credits it asks for what we earned last year which of course is not what we will be earning now so says I probably won't get anything sad will they take into consideration our current and future income?? Money is tight! Any help would be great!

RosiePosieRosie Fri 13-Oct-17 21:53:03

Citizens advice would be the best people to help you with what you can claim

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