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Has anyone retrained for a second income? Any tips appreciated!

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Zippyzulu Fri 06-Oct-17 12:18:58

Disclaimer- I know this has been done to death on here but I’m asking anyway...
I currently work (very) part time as youngest dc has just started school. I’m now totally bored during the day and looking for something to fill my days and earn some extra money. Needs to be flexible though as I have no childcare during the holidays.
I manage a small division of a charity so manage budgets and staff etc but happy to try anything and willing to retrain as needed (I have two degrees but both very specific so not transferable).
Other than cleaning, Avon or leaflet drops does anyone have any suggestions? I like numbers but have no qualifications in bookkeeping etc, would love to do proof reading but again have no qualifications. I’m also considering driving instruction but it’s all a bit scary!
Is there anything obvious that I’m missing? On the plus side, our house is cleaner than ever as it’s all I do just now grin

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