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First interview in 16 years!

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bigmouthstrikesagain Tue 03-Oct-17 22:30:31


I have been a Sahm for last 13 years since birth of ds1. I have been a school governor and volunteered over the last 7 years.

But now I have applied for a job and got an interview on Friday - My volunteer role has provided me with this job opportunity - which is wonderful timing as I literally created my first ever linkedin profile (I have 20 connections! grin)and started updating my CV last week. DH will be around more so I can be home less. So far so good.

I have bought the interview shoes and a suit jacket as I realised I dress like a student and have only big boots and scruffy converse. I am doing some e-learning and thinking about how to answer interview q's and how I fit the person spec. etc.

But I am so under prepared mentally for this step - I am so un used to being confident and assertive about my skills and how to be focused in an interview situation. I don't think I will be a dribbling mess - but what if I am - what if I forget my name or blurt out "I only got D in Maths GCSE" (true - but somehow no one noticed and I got A levels and a degree and a post grad anyway so who cares??). What if I give a sweaty handshake or trip and fall out of my dress or .... eeek

How do I stay sane until Friday?

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CBeebiesAreMySquadGoals Tue 03-Oct-17 22:45:12


I was a senior recruitment manager for a big company prior to my LO being born, and I can tell you that EVERYONE gets nervous at interviews. It’s perfectly normal and interviewers will expect it.

You’ll find the interviewers more than likely just want to get to know you as a person so just prepare to tell them a bit about yourself.

Why do you want the job?
What can you bring to the role?

These don’t have to be paragraphs- just be honest, if it’s the right fit for you, you’ll get it.

(Oh and for sweaty hands sit on a fabric chair if possible with your hands holding onto the cushions as it reduces sweaty build up, or tuck your hands under your legs with your palms against your clothes.)

(Also, if you feel yourself starting to panic or stress out before your interview, slowly clench and relax your butt cheeks (in private if possible) - which sounds mental but really works)

Good luck xx

bigmouthstrikesagain Wed 04-Oct-17 18:31:02

Thank you Cbeebies very helpful advice.

I do know the interviewer as I already volunteer here, it will be very strange coming in for interview instead of just starting my volunteer shift. I think just getting into the right mindset will be made easier and more complicated by my current role in the organisation. I have a pretty good idea about what I will be asked about. So I think part of my fear is being successful and back in the work mode after years on sahm mode. Self sabotage is Never a good strategy!

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