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What do CVs look like these days?

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MarklahMarklah Mon 02-Oct-17 15:27:24

I've seen a work-from-home p/t job advertised and have contacted the person initially handling the applications.

I have a good deal of relevant background experience both for the specific role and the wider remit of the context of the role.

However, I've not worked for well over 10 years. I have no idea how a CV is supposed to look anymore. I had a quick google online and it seems my last formatted version isn't far off overall.

Obviously I'll list qualifications (do you add pass mark/final mark for a degree), and work history. I've been a SAHP for the past 3-ish years (fitted in degree around young child at nursery). And before that was a mature student.

Do people want to see hobbies/interests any more? Mine are mostly to do with keeping my hand in with the process of being educated, but in topics that do not relate to my degree - more 'hobby' interests, if you like.

Is it still two pages max?

Do I need a photo?

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ToEarlyForDecorations Mon 02-Oct-17 15:32:56

Two pages maximum. You don't need a photo. Unless specifically asked, most employers don't need one. It's only relevant for certain jobs but I can't think what.

You don't need to put your date of birth or marital status.

Do put hobbies/interests in your CV. It makes you a more rounded person and can be a conversation starter during the interview.

Especially if there's any transferrable skills. I've done voluntary work when I've been between jobs. It's been totally unrelated to my field of work but it still meant I was a team player, good time keeper etc.

MarklahMarklah Mon 02-Oct-17 15:37:26


What about layout? Are we still talking most recent job first with details of duties for last 3 and the name of employer/date of employment for any before that?

I started work at 19, took a few breaks to travel, left work 2008, started studying, had a child, resumed studying, and now I'm looking for a work from home. Needless to say, the 'career path' has been rather varied and a little gappy.

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ToEarlyForDecorations Mon 02-Oct-17 15:46:34

Yes, that's right.

Put in an, opening paragraph outlining your skills first.

Where there are gaps just put, full-time parent or travelling or looking for work. What ever is relevant. I once saw a cv of a man who had spent two years looking after his wife who was ill and stated that on his cv.

Just so they know you weren't in prison or a psychiatric unit or had run away with the circus. Unless you have.

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