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Marking and long term supply

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MummyForParadise Wed 27-Sep-17 00:23:18

Hi ladies and gents!

So I am teacher and my current job is working twice a day in year 5 covering teachers. I cover an NQT on a Tuesday the whole day and an experienced teacher on a Wednesday who works 4 days a week due to childcare responsibilities. This is not a job share, just cover. I teach English and maths on both days and then indoor PE and one afternoon RE and the other afternoon booster lessons, across three year five classes - yes, an hour in the third year 5 class.

I have been flooded with marking! I know I am in two days a week but I am so exhausted and going home with back pain that continues over my non working days! I mark during my breaks, After school until 5 and then I take some marking home on a Tuesday. So Tuesday is a full on day for me. I don't mind doing this level of marking , if I was being paid enough! I am with agency so my pay is less that MS1, and I would have been on MS2 if I went contact. I chose to go with an agency this year because I wanted the reduced work load as I won't be able to manage loads bringing home loads of work and and raising my family.

I am now thinking to not mark the booster because I don't think I actually need to do that and I don't want to ask the main teachers if I should because I am worried that someone might take advantage and say to mark them when I don't actually need to. But the thorough English and maths marking is just killing my back! I don't know if I am marking too throroughly for a 'supply' teacher, I mean I actually correct work and write positive feedback and next steps, or maybe shall I just give ticks and a 'great work' comment!

I take the RE home and mark about 45 books, its not too bad but I'm still taking work home which I really shouldn't be doing because it's not my job to have so much marking that I need to manage it at home!

I'm really not enjoying this job, I'm
Usually In the lower years where there is less marking for a supply teacher and I get to leave school no later than 4 and have wor free breaks! If I carry on not enjoying it , I am thinking of two things: either ask agency for more pay for the load of marking or just leave the job!! I feel very unprofessional either way! I mean I work two days a week and I want it easier ! Buts then I shouldn't be taking work home and having backpain! I can do another job for the same money and be home earlier and happier!

Also another thing is that although I am a supply staff, the school did give me my own I.d badge which says 'staff' and not 'supply' which made me feel like a valued team member, but like I ask am i marking for than I should? Also it's a year long term role.

Any advice,, I'm so tired ATM I probably made loads of spelling mistakes! X

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JenniferYellowHat1980 Sun 01-Oct-17 17:04:43

If you're contracted for a year presumably you have to work notice. I did this last year - I got stuck in a temp role having been promised perm that then went to an NQT (I was U3). A long term temp role was no good for me as it meant I couldn't take a perm post so I gave my notice.

Re the marking, by spending a day of your own time doing it unpaid you're setting a precedent and they will take advantage. If it's taking that long you either need to cut down to cursory recognition that the work has been done or if that's not good enough, leave it for the class teacher. Do not give the school a BOGOF deal on your time.

viques Sun 01-Oct-17 17:11:42

What is the school policy for maths and English marking? I doubt the class teachers are marking a class worths maths and English every day. Check the policy and discuss with the teachers. I think the booster clas marking is more important, these are the children who need feedback.

satonmars Sun 01-Oct-17 17:14:54

In our school we don't do retrospective marking. We mark only for it to have an instant impact so all marking is done during the lesson. Any verbal feedback is shown and its had a massive impact on my evenings, I have them back again! Wonder if this is worth a try.

EveningShadows Sun 01-Oct-17 17:15:46

Our school is normally "next steps" marking once a week and only an acknowledgement of work for other topics - unless it's something out of the norm in case I'd give it a more thorough comment.

Try and do peer marking as much as u can in maths too.

Many studies have now shown marking to make no impact on progress at all unless you allow time for them to act on your marking. Otherwise it's pointless.

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