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Returned to work seven weeks and struggling

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Sofia2011 Sat 23-Sep-17 08:28:15

Hi all, I returned to my job seven weeks ago after 15 months off for maternity and sick leave! I manage a large service for older adults the therefore I have a large job role my manager left whilst I was on maternity and I have a new manager who seems to blow hot and cold. One minute she seems ok and the next she is quite sarcastic. I really don't know how to take her and I've found her less than supportive since I've returned. It took five weeks to
Sort me a phone line.Their have been many changes whilst I was off and I have come back to a lady who I put in post as a admin thinking she's in charge of the service. Their was two interim managers whilst I was off both people who were ill experinced and this admin lady I feel has enjoyed being queen bee in my absence. I've come back and am finding it hard to find my feet in the job role as so much has changed and no one has shown me anything. I feel like a fish out of water and I feel like I'm struggling to get back into the role. Obviously having to deal with a woman who seems to be taking pride in being difficult is making my life really hard as we share office space. She's says she has too much work to do and when I ask her if she needs any support she doesn't seem to want me to help her. She's quiet argumentative and has said a few things which have made me question her integrity. Instead of making me feel welcome being back it's like she's trying to make me feel uncomfortable. I can't understand how someone who I gave a job too can change so much. My question is will it get better? I'm miserable leaving my baby and going into a job where I feel
I'm not wanted! Which is a shame as I used to like my job. Tell me it gets easier??

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