Back to work after almost 10 years - lots of questions and lots of anxiety.

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Graphista Tue 19-Sep-17 16:28:08

Haven't worked due to a combination of my own ill health (mainly mh) and caring for others/raising dd.

I'm being advised by both health care and financial advisers to aim for permitted work (ltd hours and earnings) and I see the sense in that.

However I'm also considering a couple of other options.

Working from home for someone else.

Setting up as self employed (mainly thinking admin but possibly with a creative angle related to a hobby).

It's all quite overwhelming.

Plus I've been applying for jobs, 2 advisors telling me CV is fine even good but no interviews so far and 4 definite rejections.

I'm guessing due to long gap in CV.

I had a review of CV done by an online company (just a brief one) who said my language was too passive, I've not said how this benefited past employers (they gave example of 'increased profits by 20%' but I can't measure my work like that I wouldn't know.), and by only putting jobs relevant to the position I'm applying for (because if I put ALL my jobs it would be at least 3 pages long - military dependant for over 15 years of working life) that it looks like I have more gaps in CV (I explain this in covering letter).

So any recruiters/home workers/self employed people any advice?

I'm not great at being patient and staying positive with having applied for loads and got nowhere.

Need the wisdom of mners.

Also the 2 people advising me directly on career stuff seem a little out dated? They have no knowledge of linked in and little advice on online applications.

My background of the roles I'm looking for is admin/retail (about 60/40).

I do well at interview stage but it's getting to that I'm struggling with.

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Graphista Tue 19-Sep-17 18:46:12

Anyone got any experience of freelance/writing agencies mainly online?

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