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From freelance to back to the workplace - don't know what to look for

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Dustysparrow Fri 15-Sep-17 14:20:13

I'm really hoping that some of you clever mumsnetters will have some advice for my situation.

My DH is currently debating whether or not to leave myself and our DD (which from an emotional point of view is another thread altogether) and we are financially reliant upon him. So practically I need to earn more. I have been building a freelance 'career' for the past 3/4 years as an illustrator and I work full time and am always busy but I earn peanuts, and my earnings are not consistent so it's feast or famine. I love what I do but if my DH leaves us I need to be more financially independent and earn a steady wage, so I am thinking about getting back to the workplace but I have no idea what job I could do, I feel I'm only qualified to be an illustrator these days. I used to be in magazine production years ago but got made redundant upon returning after maternity leave (the company went into administration), so that is the last time I was in an office (2009). There is no point even looking for jobs doing that now, technology has moved on so much since then, I'm not qualified to do it any longer. And it was incredibly stressful so I'd be reluctant to - that and all publishers are in central london these days and if I was a single parent I couldn't juggle such a long commute with childcare. I am totally stuck as to what else I could do. I'm passionate about illustrating (I really love it) and books but no other fields of work spring to mind - I have good gcse marks but I'm basically qualified for nothing. I would re-train, but in what?? Nothing appeals. I wish I was good at maths or something practical but I'm not.

I feel like I am hovering on the edge of a financial abyss and I need to take control but I don't know what to do next. Even if my DH and I do stay together I would still like that financial security and independence. I might have got that in time with the illustrating but I may not have much time before circumstances force me to look for something more steady.

Help! All advice appreciated.

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JenniferYellowHat1980 Mon 18-Sep-17 07:28:22

I've seen a couple of art production jobs on Indeed recently and I live in the middle of nowhere. Perhaps there would be more of the same if you live somewhere more populous. Good luck. If your husband has signed out, perhaps you should ask him to leave now instead of keeping you on a thread. flowers

UterusUterusGhalii Mon 18-Sep-17 07:52:32

That sounds like an utterly shit position to be in. I can't believe your DH is letting you hang like this, how fucking self indulgent can you get?

In terms of what you can do, I've just found this job (and posted it on a different threads coincidentally), but it sounds like it may work for you if you've worked in magazines in the past. It's working from home too so no need for you to worry about childcare

I hope this helps and your DH sorts his shit out.

UterusUterusGhalii Mon 18-Sep-17 07:54:51

Ooh, this was from a couple of days ago. I'm so sorry you didn't get many replies @dustysparrow hopefully there will be some more ideas for you today flowers

Dustysparrow Tue 19-Sep-17 14:55:07

Thank you so much for your replies, I really appreciate it and your ideas have given me some hope that there may be jobs out there that could suit me. I think it's the amountvof competition for what few jobs there are which really daunts me - who will want me when there are so many others with more recent experience? I think if I was going to get back into art production or similar computer based creative stuff I would have to re-train. I use photoshop daily but not other creative software. I think I am hesitating to plunge into a job hunt in the hope that he will come round as the thought of putting my DD through all that is too awful to contemplate, and I do love him despite his general shitness at the moment. I also know job hunting is a full time job in itself and the illustrating will have to take a back seat indefinitely, which would pain me immensely - that and I have 3 illustration commissions I must complete so I am so busy already. I just illustrated my first children's book for a publishing company so I felt like given time I could make it as an illustrator, but now the chance may be taken away. But your ideas have given me a starting point and some hope, thank you. I didn't even realise mumsnet advertised jobs!!! The confusing part in all this is that DH tells me he loves me every day, is making decorating plans for the house, then in the next breath doesn't know if he is staying or going (to where? We can't afford extra accommodation) - it is a total head fuck. I hate this hanging on, and he is always apologising and full of self loathing. It is a nightmare.

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