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Retraining in mid forties

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Nasreen Tue 12-Sep-17 12:11:40

Has anyone done this? What did you re train in? How did you fund your course and did you secure employment at the end?

I am an ex teacher. Left the profession a good ten years ago. Employment history has been somewhat sporadic over the last decade, due to illness and raising children. Now the children are older and I am well, I am struggling to find any kind of meaningful employment. Currently volunteering at the local CAB which I love but need to earn some money.

Thinking re training might be the way forward (if I could decide what to retrain in!). The only thing that worries me is my age. I will be closer to 50 when/if I qualify, then I will need to secure a job. I have already had two student loans in the past (for degree course and PGCE) so I am guessing I would either need to self fund, or look for a course with a bursary?

Any positive stories to enlighten me, would be appreciated!


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Southlondonmum76 Wed 20-Sep-17 08:28:07

Hi Nasreen
I was hoping you would have received some replies as I'm interested in hearing positive stories too. I too am looking to retrain. I'm in my early forties, had my first baby a few months ago. My background is nurising (mental health) and administration.

Right now I am considering retraining as a counsellor maybe, but then also considering an online business. I do enjoy creative hobbies, I also looked in courses relating to HR and have other ideas too.
What ideas have you had? What is it you'd really like to do, what are you passionate about?
I don't feel age should hold anyone back. If you've got the opportunity to retrain then go for it. It doesn't matter you will be near 50 when you qualify. At least you will be happy in a new career. It will be exciting! smile

ringle Wed 20-Sep-17 20:32:31


LeoTimmyandVi Wed 20-Sep-17 22:19:30

I am also an ex teacher 10 yrs out of the profession and 40 years old. I am just entering the 2nd yr of my BSc in Occupational Therapy. Fantastic course and so many transferable skills as a teacher. Downside is I was the last year to get a bursary so you would need a student loan for fees and living expenses.

amousehaseatenmypaddlingpool Wed 20-Sep-17 23:11:17

I'm late thirties, not an ex teacher but I think my experiences might translate a little bit?

I couldn't afford (time or money) to go back to school. I looked at my experience and skill set, did some research around the sort of career I wanted (structure, area of knowledge, future proofing myself etc) and then offered myself up as an unpaid intern. I got to learn about my chosen job by doing it.

I applied to many, many companies and fortunately got myself a part time placement that fit around my finances / DS's nursery.

Six months in and I started applying for jobs. Some companies were clearly a bit freaked out by an apparent career U turn but other companies thought I was fascinating and wanted to meet me.

I ended up with five job offers. Five! Eighteen months ago I didn't have the confidence to even apply for jobs in my old sector. The internship was a revelation. I'm recommending it to everyone.

Good luck OP and everyone else. It's tough and scary but not nearly as tough and scary as you think.

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