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Help and advice please!

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FloraIris Mon 11-Sep-17 12:55:07

Hi, just seeking some advice. I have had two periods of maternity leave within a short space of time. I went back to work for 7 weeks in between. I'm due to return next week and have major anxiety about it. Everything will have changed.

I was very senior before I went on Maternity leave with a large team and will be returning to the same role. I feel like those reporting into me will have surpassed my level of knowledge and I'll almost have to prove myself again and start from scratch.

How can I be a great mum to my son and twin boys and be great at my job again? I can't sleep at night, this is causing me so much anxiety.

The first time I went off everyone at work was in touch with me. The second time, they've only been in contact once or twice. I just feel like I won't be respected when I go back because I've now got kids and will be seen as 'lazy' for trying to balance my life and leave early etc.

Will it get better? Will I have to prove myself again? hmm


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